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Discover Nasuli Freshwater Spring Lagoon in Bukidnon Philippines

Updated on April 25, 2013

Nasuli Spring Resort: A Quick Look

Nasuli Spring Resort is one of the ‘must-see’ places in the province of Bukidnon in southern Philippines. It is ideal for travelers who prefer the off-the-track destination spots. The resort is not frequented by tourists and very few locals visit the place.

The Nasuli Spring Resort is a freshwater lagoon. Its water is icy cold even during the hottest time of the day. The lagoon is approximately 15 feet deep and surrounded by lush greeneries. The water is bluish with a tinge of green.

Picture-perfect Nasuli Fresh Water Lagoon
Picture-perfect Nasuli Fresh Water Lagoon | Source

Communing with Nature at Nasuli Resort

The resort offers a serene retreat for visitors. All you will ever get to hear in the area are the chirping of birds, the occasional splash of small fish jumping out of the water, and the familiar chatter of the woods when a slight breeze rattles the leaves of trees surrounding the lagoon.

It is a no-frills site. There are no accommodations for overnight stay, no restaurants and bars, and no nearby store. Just raw nature at its best.

While at Nasuli, you can spend your time swimming in the blue-green depths of the lagoon. You can even try a few diving tricks if you want. Or maybe, you can savor the pristine surroundings by simply doing nothing – just listen to the birds and hear the rhythm of flowing water.

The serene and calm water of Nasuli spring lagoon.
The serene and calm water of Nasuli spring lagoon. | Source
Towering trees surrounding the Nasuli lagoon.
Towering trees surrounding the Nasuli lagoon. | Source
Towering trees at Nasuli Resort
Towering trees at Nasuli Resort | Source

A Few Reminders for Visitors

Because there are no nearby amenities within the resort, you really have to bring your food with you. The place has a picnic area in an elevated portion of the resort, just a couple of meters above the lagoon. You can use any available stone slab or wooden table in the picnic area. Take note that alcoholic beverages and smoking within the Nasuli Spring Resort are prohibited.

The green waters of Nasuli Spring Lagoon
The green waters of Nasuli Spring Lagoon | Source
The concrete stairway leading to the lagoon of Nasuli Spring Resort.
The concrete stairway leading to the lagoon of Nasuli Spring Resort. | Source

A Few Words about Location and History

Nasuli freshwater spring is located in Barangay (village) Bangcud, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. The province of Bukidnon sits on the northern-most part of the island of Mindanao in southern Philippines.

If you are coming from Cagayan de Oro City (the nearest major city with an airport), you will have to take a bus going to Davao City or Valencia City. Just tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Nasuli Spring Resort. You can then take a motorcycle ride from the main highway to the resort area. If you are fond of walking, you can simply walk to the resort as the place is just a kilometer away from the highway.

Nasuli is a Bisayan term which means “reversed.” The local folks named the place ‘nasuli’ because the spring’s headwaters' elevation is much lower than the lagoon. It seems that the water is flowing in reverse, thus the name ‘nasuli.’

The spring resort was developed by American missionaries belonging to the Summer Institute of Linguistics. These missionaries translated the Bible from English to different local dialects of Bukidnon tribes. They also translated the oral literature of the locals into English.

Today, the missionaries are gone. Their mission was completed several years ago but they left a lasting gift – the Nasuli Freshwater Spring Resort.

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    • nathalia27 profile image

      Nancy 3 years ago

      Perfect for adventurer people. The place seems quite.

    • profile image

      for your info 3 years ago

      Just so you know, locals don't frequent that place as much as they used to for fear of schistosomiasis. It's a beautiful place which holds one of my fondest memories, though it needs a bit of cleaning up. The water back then was blue without all the overgrown weeds under the water.

    • excribo profile image

      Jay Pascual 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you Kbdare. The place is indeed like a small paradise. I'll be hubbing more about the wonderful places of Bukidnon Philippines. Cheers.

    • Kbdare profile image

      Kbdare 4 years ago from Western US.

      Great pictures! What a little piece of paradise, thanks for sharing!