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Beauty - A feature to enjoy in Bangladesh

Updated on July 5, 2017

Located in South Asia, bordered by India in the north, the Bay of Bengal in the east and west, while Myanmar surrounds it to the south resides a marvelous country named - Bangladesh. Famous for being the eighth most populous country in the world, myriads of people restrain themselves from taking a tour to Bangladesh. However the less known fact is that Bangladesh has a lot to offer to its tourists - especially the breathtaking views of nature in the outskirts.

The colors of nature change from time to time as seasons overwhelm the skies.
The colors of nature change from time to time as seasons overwhelm the skies.

A journey begins at '0' point

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh : the concrete city. Situated in Dhaka is Gulistaan - the zero point of Bangladesh. Reaching there, it doesn't matter whether you travel east, west, north or south, you'll eventually find yourself traveling through highways, smothered in green on either side. It doesn't matter which district you travel to, nature will always find you and enchant your eyes.

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A markerMoinotGhat -
Kartikpur, Bangladesh
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A riverside that has taken the form of a sea beach. As you reach there, rural boatman would offer you rides across the river.

B markerCox's Bazaar -
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
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The world's longest sea beach. Truly a place you must go to.

C markerFoy's lake -
Foy's Lake, Chittagong, Bangladesh
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A local amusement park in Chittagong.

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If you're looking for a beach, Cox's Bazaar is the place you got to be. The world's longest sea beach would not fail to grab your attention and pull you towards the cold sea, constant waves and warm sand. It's actually VERY relaxing.

In contrast, if you want to be in a cozy resort, there are countless resorts all around the outskirts. If your traveling to Comilla : a major district, MIAMI Resort and Leisure Centre is an awesome place. You'll find some good food, some nice people, a few clothing shops and a place to spend the night at.

However if it's a restaurant there are good continental restaurants all over. I don't need to tell you a specific name. Once you're there, you'll see restaurants all around.

Place to be
Things to take for sure
Cox's Bazaar
Shades, Sunscreen
An umbrella for occasional rainfall
Lalbag Fort
Nothing much
Some top tourist spots to go to
A shot at the house of the Landlord(Zamidar Bari)  in Dohar
A shot at the house of the Landlord(Zamidar Bari) in Dohar

Strangers but yet friends

When you travel in Bangladesh, while passing through outskirts, you'll find that people would give you a wonderful experience and show a loving attitude towards you. Trust me, you'll love the way they'd smile at you for no reason and wave at you. The villagers and people in the outskirts enjoy seeing foreign visitors and their cultures.

MoinotGhat, Dohar
MoinotGhat, Dohar

Things to remember

  • Bangladesh is an innocent country with innocent people, however, just like every other place, there are muggers and thieves . It's better that you keep your things safe and stay alert
  • Many people fear Bangladesh after the terrorist attack, but that only happened once. It's better that you don't fear such a thing.
  • Be sure the check the exchange rate of Bangladeshi Taka(BDT) before you come to visit.
  • There are taxi services such as Uber and food delivery services such as Foodpanda that delivers food to your doorstep. So everything become easy, doesn't it?

A balcony view during sunset
A balcony view during sunset

It's high time to take a break to a different destination that has a diversed culture and a diffusion of nature with development. What are you waiting for? Step out of your place and move to take a sight of Bangladesh while you're alive.


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    • Mohaimenul profile image

      Nicholas 8 months ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thank you so much Bhai. Means alot.

    • SSS1942 profile image

      Joyonto 8 months ago from Bangladesh

      Nice write up.