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Negril Beach Vacation Spot

Updated on October 1, 2014

Negril Beach Jamaica

Negril beach Jamaica is one the most outstanding beach destinations in the world. The seven mile beach is the nick name that it was given many years ago because it truly does have seven mile of pure white sand.

When winter roles around in the United States it is hard to imagine how beautiful and balmy 85 degrees in Jamaica truly is. One can only daydream of lying on the beach soaking in the sun’s rays while staring out at the snow covered ground. But it can be reality if you just hop on a plane and fly down to this tropical paradise.

I was fortunate to travel down to Negril just a few years back for a long weekend of R&R and escape the harsh cold winters that the Midwest was throwing at me. When I left Chicago it was a minus fifteen degrees and when I arrived in Jamaica it was eighty three degrees and sunny. What more could a person want than to be sitting with a margarita in one hand and enjoying the calm seas and soaking in the sun, all the while my friends and coworkers were shoveling snow and sliding to work on the icy roads back home. I sure did not miss home while in Negril Beach.

Sunset on Negril

Why stay at Negril Beach

Why did I come to Negril? The main reason was for the beach, the geourgous sunsets the quiet surf and the exciting night life that was in town after the sun went down. I did not stay at one of the luxurious resorts like Sandals Resorts but I stayed just down the beach at the sister resort. The people at the resort were totally awesome and we were able to use all of the activities and amenities that Sandals Resort offered. The resorts from cheap to luxurious to adventuresome like Hedonsim II are available to meet your every desire. All the resorts are there to take care of all your needs for an awesome vacation that you will not forget.

I personally prefer the adult style resort for me and my wife, depending on the time of year that you go it could be busy with kids, college students on spring break or just nice and quiet in the off season of the year. But if you're like me who wants to be bothered with children running around when you are there to take it easy and relax, this is why I chose the adult resorts. I was lucky the last time that I went, I could only get reservations at a resort that is geared towards families but I picked a weekend that there was no families at the resort. What I did find at the resort was a large percentage of the resort was rented out to a group of swingers from Europe, this made for an interesting weekend of sites and sounds

Negril Beach Jamaica

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Negril, Jamaica
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Vendors sell their wears

Map of Jamaica

The Beach Life

The beach life in Negril is fascinating to say the least. With the quiet calm turquois seas and beautiful white sand you will feel like you are in heaven. Sitting on the beach and watching the locals come by showing off their items for sale is very interesting, each one trying to sell you or make you a deal. On one of my trips I had a local vendor come by carrying two whole lobsters trying to sell them to me for my dinner. A couple of the other guest on the beach did purchase them and took them to the cook and for a small fee the cook at the resort prepared them for their dinner. If you are interested in getting your hair braided, or get an awesome body massage or listen to reggae music, you can find it all here at Negril.

This is so impotent. the one thing to make sure that you do bring with you is plenty of sunscreen. Since you are closer to the equator the sun is much strongest and hotter than up in the United States. Since a lot of vacationers do forget to bring it along the locals mark up the cost of this through the roof.

Water temperature in Jamaica is always perfect year around, while staying on Negril Beach there is no need to bring your surf board because the seas are always calm and smooth. But there are plenty of other amenities to enjoy, such as para-sailing, scuba diving, fishing, jet skiing, or snorkeling on the coral reefs.

But if you are like me I just like to jump into the warm water and relax in a lounge chair with a drink in one hand and Cuban cigar in the other hand and watch the beach babes strolling up and down the sand.

Beach Resort

At our resort

Strolling around town

Strolling around in the town of Negril is fun to do. Again there are a lot of street vendors just like any other Caribbean Island or other country in Central America. The town is very laid back, a lot of hippie people kind of like the Bob Marley type walking around sipping Red Stripe. Most of the people are wearing bikinis or cut off shorts and t-shirts. No need for dressing up to go to any of the local hangout. Partying, drinking, clubbing, and reggae music is the nightlife in Negril. One can stroll from bar to bar and club to club enjoying all the sounds and laid back night life of the tropics.

Beach Weddings

Negril Beach Resort

Negril beach wedding

With the beautiful location of Negril and the lush gardens around the resorts, the warm white sand beaches, and the torques jade water what better place to have a beach wedding. If you really want a romantic beach wedding have your ceremony at sunset on the beach.

To get married in Jamaica here are requirement’s.

Photo IDs plus proof of citizenship are required. Divorce and death decrees are also required as applicable. French Canadians need a notarized translated copy of all documents. Check with your Certified Destination Wedding Specialist for more details.

Fishing in the surg

Sights at Negril Beach


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