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Never Go On A Vacation To Wisconsin Dells During These Times

Updated on October 4, 2011

Some Reasons Why Is It Not Recommended To Go Wisconsin Dells At These Times

Different people have different reasons for visiting the Wisconsin Dells. Many want to go for the great parties, and others want to go for the huge crowds that always vacation there. However, there are also those tourists who want to experience the Wisconsin Dells in a less loud, and hectic experience. These people aren’t really very fond of crowds, of noise, and of pesky people everywhere! This Wisconsin Dells article is written specifically for the second type of people. If you want a truly relaxing Wisconsin Dells vacation, we advise you to skip going there on vacation during these particular times!

1. Don’t come in mid-June- Mid-June is perhaps the busiest time for the Wisconsin Dells. It is summer time, the kids are out of school, the college kids are on break, and parents will usually take vacation leaves to get their families out of the house. You can certainly expect the Dells to be more crowded than normal during these times. The hotel rates, as well as the amusement parks will be at their peak too

2. Don’t come the weeks before Labor day- The maddening tourist season may begin in mid-June but this goes all the way up to Labor Day. If you don’t want to share your Wisconsin Dells with what seems to be a million other people, we suggest that you wait it out. Besides, the days after Labor Day will still be more or less warm, and Labor Day will have sent everyone packing and going back to their hometowns.

3. Expect some sort of a crowd on weekends too- If a particularly warm weekend is coming up, then you can expect a lot of people to troop over to the Wisconsin Dells. Lines will be long for the rides, the games and the food. If you want the place all to yourself, may we suggest visiting on a weekday instead?

Personally, we don’t mind other people, but we know this isn’t everyone’s idea of a great vacation. If you want a more peaceful version of the Dells, stick to our advice, and you should be getting what you want!


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