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New Brunswick – A Beautiful Atlantic Getaway

Updated on February 7, 2014

Introduction to New Brunswick

Along the east coast of Canada lies the province of New Brunswick. Along with Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick is one of the Atlantic Provinces inside the country. It has a beautiful beach facing the Atlantic Ocean that gives beauty to its coastline. The Province has different vacation spots where families and friends will enjoy. They can explore the great outdoors in both natural and man-made attractions and destinations. The city is filled with rich culture and heritage that will amaze and capture your attention. This province is the only official bilingual province in this region that uses both English and French language (Acadian origin).

Arts, History & Cultural Exploration

Several influences sculptured the history of the province of New Brunswick. The First nations were the first inhabitants of this province divided into three tribes namely the Mi’kmaq, Passamaquoddy and the Wolastoqiyik. Next was the first French colonial era called the Acadians and made New Brunswick (along with some parts of Maine) their colony and this was followed by the British colonial era called the Celtics and lastly the Brayons. This resulted to great diversity in its artistic, spiritual, linguistic and historical beliefs, knowledge and talents of the province.

Visitors can learn more and explore on museums that houses exhibits that bring to life the history of this province and showcases a modern way of presentations about the life that lived before them. These Historic sites and centers that provide both local visitors and foreign ones great experiences are spread in different parts of the province which is accessible by the transportation available. Some of these Historic sites are the Kings Landing Historical Settlement, a recreation of the buildings from the village of New Brunswick in the year of 1780-1910 and the Village Historique Acadien which portrays the life of Acadians.

Unique Architecture

Along the sea, great lighthouses stand tall. These majestic structures served the coasts of New Brunswick for years and some are still operating giving bright lights that lead seamen back to shore and promote safety in travelling through the rolling sea. One of the outstanding lighthouses that captured the attention of both local and foreign visitors is the Lighthouse at Cape Enrage. It is the oldest lighthouse in the province of New Brunswick located at the tip of Barn Marsh Island surrounded by cliffs. Some other lighthouses are the active beacon on Miscou Island and the Cape Jourimain Lighthouse that offers an amazing view of the Confederation Bridge and Prince Edward Island.

New Brunswick also features unique bridges that will let you stroll, jog, ride or take pictures with fantastic view of both the land and sea that covers the province. Hartland Bridge is the world’s longest covered bridge located on the Saint John River in the central-western part of the province. This covered bridge along with other examples is some of the architectural structures that New Brunswick is proud of. It helped a lot on the transportation of people from one place to another. These covered bridges are mostly present in the southern section of this beautiful province.

The streets of New Brunswick also reflect the architectural structure of the past inhabitants of their province. Victorian architecture is seen in the capital of New Brunswick, Fredericton. Waterloo Row shows the mansions in the riverfront districts. Gregorian and Greek architectural styles can be seen in Uptown Saint John.

The Natural Environment

New Brunswick has different landscapes that offer many activities for family and friends, of all ages, to enjoy. From sandy beaches around the coast, you can relax and enjoy the sun or grab a pail and shovel and create your sandcastles. There are also Acadian forests present in the provincial parks available for hiking and exploring for those who are adventurers at heart. There are also biking trails along the Appalachian mountain range providing a breath-taking view of this beautiful province. There are also various bodies of waters present in the province like beautiful falls flowing from the mountains.


For those who are looking for indoor activities, New Brunswick has places that are suitable for your liking. Those who feel lucky can play in Casino’s in Moncton. Concerts and fairs are also held in regional arenas and stadiums around the province. Theaters and auditoriums are also a place to watch local talents like dancing, singing and acting on stage. For a more thrilling experience, there are available drag racing tracks that will give fuel your adrenaline.

Family-Friendly Fun

Families who travel to this province are more attracted to science centers and amusement parks that will make their children happy, satisfied and interested. Many interesting zoos are also a destination that will make you kids go “wow” by watching different aquatic and land creature together in one place. New Brunswick is also home to the World’s Largest Lobster which is located in Shediac, Moncton and the World’s Largest Axe in Nackawic which is a must-see for those who are interested in unusual things.

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