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New Train card in the Netherlands– the single-use chip card for tourists

Updated on July 8, 2014

There will be no paper tickets issued for train rides in the Netherlands from 9 July 2014 onwards. The Dutch Railway Company (NS or Nederlandse Spoorwegen) is putting a mandatory use of chip cards (‘OV chipkaart’ in Dutch) for all train travels within the Netherlands.

The OV-chipkaart was first introduce in 2005 in Rotterdam, one of the busiest cities in the Netherlands and then later in 2011 rolled out to the whole nation.

OV-chipkaart, which stands for ‘Openbaarvervoerchipkaart’ (public transportation chip card) in Dutch, allows users to use a single card to get onboard with different public transportation from bus, tram, train to metro.

Which card should I use as a tourist?

The anonymous OV-chipkaart cost €7.50 (non-refundable) while the single-use chip card carries a €1 supplement on single journey, return ticket, day travel cards and the AnaarBeter (From A to B) ticket. It would be more economically to get an anonymous OV-chipkaart if you will be using the train for multiple journeys. Otherwise a single-use chipcard would be your option. Do note that you need a minimum of €20 value in your anonymous OV-chipkaart in order to check in. You can’t top up a single-use chip card.

The blue one on top is the anonymous OV-chipkaart while the yellow one is a personal card, usually used by locals who travel frequently with public transportati

This is the NS ticket machine for a single-use chip card.

Where to get the single-use chip card?

The single-use chip card is only available at NS ticket machines at train stations with a blue sign on top with the NS logo.

If you have an anonymous OV-chipkaart, you need to use another machine (which has a yellow sign on top) to top up your chip card.

This is the screenshot of the ticket machine. Choose English and then 'single-use chip card'.

Visit the official NS website for more information.

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