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New York For Beginners

Updated on January 22, 2016

Frank Sinatra liked to repeat: "New York is the city that never sleeps." At all hours the New York streets offer thousands and thousands of things to do and at any time we can discover a corner that will surprise us.

No more waiting, here are the top 10 things to do in New York.

1. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge On Foot

If you are visiting New York, a fantastic experience you can not miss is to walk across the 1,800 meters between the island of Manhattan known as neighborhood of DUMBO (an acronym for Down-Under-the-Manhattan-Bridge-Overpass) through one of the icons of the Big Apple: the Brooklyn Bridge. The promenade runs along a central wooden walkway located above the traffic. From there you can enjoy one of the best views of the New York skyline and also marvel at the design of John Augustus Roebling, who designed the neo-Gothic bridge arches over 130 years ago.

2. See the Statue of Liberty from the ferry to Staten Island

You can either go to the Isle and buy a ticket for one of the boats leaving from Battery Park Libertad, or find an alternative possibility to see the statue from up to close without having to spend a dollar. To do this you must take one of the free ferries to Staten Island departing from the ferry terminal next to Whitehall Street station. From there you can see this lady of iron and copper in all its glory.

3. Go To Hunt Urban Art

New York is considered to be one of the capitals of street art, an urban movement, that emerged in the late 1950s in order to express through paintings and graffiti some of the main problems of the streets, like racism or class differences. Since then there are many artists who have shaped their ideas in neighborhoods like Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx, becoming in many cases very famous and their works of art blended with the New York architecture. I will advise you go prepared with your camera and let yourself be surprised as you find along the way works of artists including Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Tristan Eaten. So you'll have a great experience and be amazed with your creativity!

4. Visit A Museum For Free Every Day

Yes, you read it right. In the city that never sleeps, you can always fill your cultural agenda and you can visit almost all the museums you want for free. For example, every Thursday afternoon between 16:00h and 20:00h you can enter free the Museum of Modern Art(MOMA), a global institution for contemporary art. The same happens on Friday for the International Center of Photography, for lovers of photography, which can access free places from 17:00h to 20:00h. Other days, many museums also have so-called pay-what-you-wish for, if you can not repay the full entry, you simply pay the amount you can afford. Such is the case of the Metropolitan Museum.

5. Lose Yourself In the Paths Of Central Park

Central Park is revealed as the greatest and most photographed park in New York. It was the first public park of this size in the United States and despite being a non-built-up area, it has been described by critic Paul Goldberg as the "most important architectural work" of the city. With its 341 hectares, it was, and remains a haven of peace for those seeking to get away from the dizzying life of Manhattan. We encourage you to come by any of the four doors by the corners of the park and recorras the trails that wind through trees, ponds and small bridges. Do not be afraid to miss, as there are signs everywhere that you are indicated where in the park you are. Also, along the way you will find famous landmarks such as Strawberry Fields or mosaic with the word "Imagine" in honor of John Lennon.

6. Check The "Whispering Gallery" At The Central Station

Passing through the wooden doors of Central Station in New York you can find yourself in another era. The towering stone walls of the station and the light coming through its large windows or clocks of the early twentieth century, are images we have seen again and again in many films such as Superman (Richard Donner , 1978) or the North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock, 1959). But furthermore, also known as Grand Central Terminal, this holds a secret that you'll love. In the vaulted tunnel that is located opposite the famous Oyster Bar station you will find a curious acoustic effect: if two people are at opposite ends of the diagonal of the dome and one of them whispers something into the wall arches, the another person may well hear the message and have a conversation "remote". The phenomenon was soon used in the most romantic way by an original prankster who wanted to convince travelers that they were hearing voices.

7. Attend A Mass Gospel In Harlem

If it's Sunday and you're in New York, there is a perfect plan for you: go to a mass gospel in the district of Harlem. It is a unique experience and worthwhile. But: usually it last about two hours, so if you do not want to stay to the end, you may like to know that gospel is usually sung at the first part. Some churches that offer Mass open to the public (generally at 11: 00h) are the Abyssinian Baptist Church, Antioch Baptist Church or Metropolitan Baptist Church, and many others. Ah! And do not forget to wear suitable.

8. Visit A Converted Factory In A Trendy Place

In recent years, some New York neighborhoods that once were not safe or particularly beautiful areas, such as the Meatpacking district, are developing a great work of conversion from old factories and warehouses into lofts and modern buildings of local ultra hip, where they will coexist into ancient and modern ones. A perfect example of this phenomenon is the Chelsea Market, located in what was the Nabisco factory (where the famous Oreo cookies were invented), which today has been converted into a market with a large number of places to buy original gifts and discover the work of unknown artists or simply stop to eat something. You are encouraged to make a stop in this extraordinary place to see how you can still evaluate parts of the old factory and the trendy alternative scenes being triumphed in districts like Brooklyn.

9. Tour The City To Nine Meters Above The Ground

Close to Chelsea Market there is another one of those hidden treasures of New York. This is the High Line, a stroll through the heights that will let you have a different view of the city. The route of this trail, open to all public and totally free, runs to nine meters above the ground along an old railway line that meanders between the buildings of the West Side. Best of all is that, as you walk among giant brick tunnels and old buildings, completely abstraerte, get the rhythm of the city and look at it from a new perspective.

10. Be Dazzled By The Lights Of Times Square

And finally, do not miss the place which is considered the heart of the Big Apple. Times Square is named after the New York Times, as it was the place where their offices were formerly located. Today it is one of the most famous squares in the world and is alive 24 hours a day regardless of the time of year. Its luminous posters are the hallmark, by which fortunes in the advertising industry are made. Not an exception is the mythical announcement of Coca Cola, the beverage company that "only" pays one million dollars a year, thanks to an old contract that is renewed every 10 years. Imagine how much others pay ...

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