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New york Boroughs You Can't Miss

Updated on October 13, 2015
New york Boroughs
New york Boroughs

Awarded as "Best Guidebook of the Year" 2015

Frommer's EasyGuide to New York City 2015 (Easy Guides)
Frommer's EasyGuide to New York City 2015 (Easy Guides)

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New York consists of five districts, they are also called boroughs. Although the most known and visited is Manhattan, which every day reach almost 9 million people, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island are also part of the New York.

Also, within these 5 districts they are different neighborhoods forming the identity of each borough. You probably know some of them, such as Little Italy, Chinatown and Soho in Manhattan.

Would you like to know what the characteristics of each neighborhood in New York are? We have prepared a list of the most interesting and characteristic of each quarter, so walking around the streets of one of the best cities in the world through these lines.


As mentioned, Manhattan is the main district of New York and its best known area. For many, Manhattan is synonymous with New York, especially for those who know it for the first time.

Manhattan is a big metropolitan area that enough more than 5 days to know it. Specifically, this area is divided into several neighborhoods, although they are not officially defined, can be exchanged for demographic and economic reasons. If you do not already know, you should know before the different boroughs of New York. Here are the most famous:

1. Chinatown

Initially intended to defend against racism and protect their rights, Chinatown has become one of the largest neighborhoods of Manhattan and is made by the Chinese community.

New york Boroughs; Chinatown, Manhattan
New york Boroughs; Chinatown, Manhattan

2. Little Italy

Today, Little Italy has been reduced to Mulberry Street. In this area, exclusively for tourists, you can find bakeries, bars and Italian restaurants. All that is breathed in this neighborhood makes you travel to Italy in a few seconds.

New york Boroughs; Little Italy, Manhattan
New york Boroughs; Little Italy, Manhattan

3. SoHo

SoHo is characterized by trendy locals, cast iron lofts , art galleries and antique shops. SoHo was an important district of artists, art galleries and new directions; However, today is a vibrant shopping district and one of the best neighborhoods for shopping. In addition, during the summer the streets are filled with musicians, painters and craft vendors.

New york Boroughs; SoHo, Manhattan.
New york Boroughs; SoHo, Manhattan.


With over 2,600,000 inhabitants, Brooklyn is the most populous and largest borough of New York city. Brooklyn maintains its own distinct culture, independent art scene, and unique architectural heritage, which differentiates it from Manhattan.

Located at the western end of the island, shares its only land border with the borough of Queens to the northeast, and enjoys stunning sea views and Manhattan's.

It is often referred to as the "city of neighborhoods" and many of its neighborhoods developed from the historic towns and villages dating back to the Dutch colonial era of the seventeenth century.

Brooklyn is a treasure trove for many tourists from New York that do not go beyond Manhattan. Often overshadowed by the bright lights of Manhattan, Brooklyn actually has a variety of interesting and excellent sites that hold their own beauty against the usual aspects of a typical itinerary of Manhattan.

You can not leave without crossing the famous Brooklyn Bridge, connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan. As the longest suspension bridge in the world, the Brooklyn Bridge has become an icon of New York. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, you can enjoy beautiful views of the city as you look back at the famous New York City.

New york Boroughs; Brooklyn
New york Boroughs; Brooklyn


Queen neighborhood is known as the gateway to New York, the area was once host to the Dutch and English settlers. In border Brooklyn, it is densely populated with up to 2.2 million residents.

Just 15 minutes by train from Manhattan, you will find places to visit tourist attractions like the New York Hall of Science, Queens Botanical Gardens, Queens Museum of Art and the Queens Theater.

While Manhattan is the best known neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Queens also boasts some of them such as Flushing, the second largest after Chinatown in New York. These neighborhoods give a vision of cultures without traveling across the ocean.

Also in Queens you can enjoy the beaches and water sports. In areas like Water Taxi Beach and where there is a view of the city skyline amazing .. Other areas of Queens to enjoy the beaches would handballers, Rockaway Beach and Jacob Riis.

Boroughs of New York; Queens
Boroughs of New York; Queens


The Bronx is undoubtedly the most controversial and conflictive district of New York. With a population of about 1.5 million residents, it is the northernmost district of the city. If you visit this famous district of New York, you can not miss the following attractions:

1. Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo has over 4,000 animals of 650 different species. Many of these animals are endangered species. The zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo in the world.

There are several exhibitions in the Bronx Zoo, but the three most popular are probably the Wild Asia Monorail, Congo Gorilla Forest and Jungle World. In these three exhibitions, you will see gorillas, monkeys, giraffes, pythons and lions. They will all be replicated in their natural habitat.

Boroughs of New York; Bronx Zoo
Boroughs of New York; Bronx Zoo

2. New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden is a museum where plants are displayed as an educational program for its surrounding community, and a leading research center for plant science. Almost one million visitors come to see the gardens each year. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1967.

3. Yankee Stadium and the Yankees Museum

Are you a fan of American national sport: baseball? You can not miss the Yankee Stadium! Located in the Bronx, it is a new stadium which opened in 2009 next to the Museum of the Yankees in New York after the same team. The old stadium was right across the street and closed just after the new stadium opened.

Yankee Stadium and the Yankees Museum
Yankee Stadium and the Yankees Museum

Staten Island

Unknown to many, Staten Island is the least populated district in the city with a population of approximately 470,000 inhabitants. On this island there are more colonial buildings than any other part of New York.

The most famous museums in New York are on this island, like the Alice Austen House Museum and Garibaldi Meucci Museuma. Moreover, Staten Island is known as a haven for artists, artists who emigrated to the United States.

In this area of New York, there are also found a lot of theaters especially St. George, where cultural activities comprising film, music, television, architectural tours or educational programs take place.

Boroughs of New York; Staten Island
Boroughs of New York; Staten Island

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