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New York Travel Guide

Updated on October 18, 2015

New York City Tour Guide

These beautiful sites have a worldwide appeal where people choose to spend their vacation time.

1. Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This garden was founded in 1910 and is located between Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park. It has different types of flora labelled with scientific names. Many tourists both local and international love the garden as it provides peaceful hours away from work interruption and busy city life. It has different gardens with special collections that include:

I. Japanese Garden- This has beautiful ponds that have turtles and koi fish that tourists love viewing.

II. Children's garden - It has a variety of flowers and herbs, and it enables the children to experience the beauty of nature. Children are also allowed to plant their own flowers and crops for later harvesting.

III. Fragrance Garden – This garden is especially preferred by visitors looking for a peaceful and quiet place. Visitors can touch the plants with fragrance and also the kitchen herbs. The visitors have a taste of peace by making use of smell as part of the human sense.

IV. Cherry Garden – It has numerous cherry trees. When the cherry trees blossom, Hanami festival is held. Hanami is a cherry blossoming festival at every spring that lasts for a month.

V. Shakespeare Garden – It has numerous plants mentioned in William Shakespeare's poems and plays. The plants have labels that give them both common and botanical names.

2. Central Park

It is located in the heart of Manhattan. It is the biggest attraction site in the city attracting approximately 40 million people from all over the world. It has numerous sites including:

I. Central Park Zoo – It has numerous species of animals including monkeys, birds, leopards, red pandas and polar bears. It also has 4D theatres that have features especially for children and themes related to nature.

II. Strawberry Field – It has a memorial for John Lennon who was killed at Dakota apartments. Visitors worldwide travel to the place to take pictures next to the memorial.

III. Bethesda Fountain – It is a pleasant place to take pictures and relax. It has a double staircase with beautiful tiles.

IV. Conservatory Garden - It has thousands of trees and shrubs.

3. Coney Island Cyclone

It was built 1927, and it is located in the southwestern part of the borough of Brooklyn. It is a city landmark and has been featured in numerous films and movies. Thousands of roller coaster enthusiasts travel from all over the world to have a ride in the cyclone. This makes it the most iconic roller coaster.

4. Metropolitan Museum of Art

It is the largest museum in the United States of America. It was founded in 1870, and it is located at the Museum Mile of Manhattan. It has a wide collection of renowned painting, porcelain, musical instruments, historical artefacts, costumes and armaments. It represents numerous cultures from Egypt, Asia and Rome. Visitors come to explore the treasures of the museum art collection. Examples of popular destinations include:

I. Temple of Dendur – It is an Egyptian gallery with beautiful carvings of vultures and blossoms. It is housed in a beautiful room and gives a delightful view of the Central Park.

II. Medieval Sculpture Hall – It transports visitors back to the time kings ruled rigorously under the scrutiny of the church. It has beautiful sculptures, altarpieces and furniture. It also "The Lamentation" a horizontal tapestry that depicts the dying Jesus surrounded by His followers.

III. King Henry Vill's Armour – It has lances, swords, armour and armour galleries that are believed to be owned by King Henry of England.

IV. The Little Fourteen-year-old Ballet Dancer – It is a sculpture by Edgar Degas. His model was a student Ballet Dancer from Paris. It is a bronze figure of a girl wearing a skirt made of cotton and a hair ribbon made of satin.


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