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FILIPINO BACKPACKERS: My Second Trip to Nicaragua

Updated on September 15, 2016

Our Trip

The first time I tried to travel in Nicaragua was very challenging since I did not know what will happen to me. This time, I was accompanied by a friend and I was really confident because I really know what to do.

This trip is quite different with my first trip. There is really a first time. Even though I already experienced coming to Nicaragua, we tried to comeback at the end of the day.

But, something annoying happened on the way...What was that?


For those who did not follow me, here is the link for my first trip so you can differentiate them. There is always changes in our life. We will never know it but every second, there is a change.

Traveling really makes us informed.

May I ask you this:

Have you tried visiting a country more than once?

See results

Summary of my Journey

I renewed my stamp last March 2015. My friend and I decided to take bus going to Nicaragua from San Jose. We took the same bus liner in my first trip, the Deldu. From jaco, we took the last trip going to San Jose so we arrived there evening already. We went to terminal and asked what time is the trip going to Nicaragua. The man said at 3:00 am. So, we decided to get a room next to the terminal. We paid $15 for that room and stayed there till 3:00am.

Early in the morning, we went straight to the bus. They did not have ticketing booth. We just paid the driver more than four thousand colones equivalent to $9.

On the way, I was expecting to have a stop over atthe same restaurant in my first trip but I was wrong. We ate our breakfast at the restaurant I posted below: (It was still dark when we arrived)

The restaurante

The Processing:

The road trip still the same before. I just slept all the way until we reached the boarder at past 9:00 am. I wrote in my first trip that there are checkpoints on the road so as this trip. I guided my friend on what to do in the boarder. I can say that I'm already an expert. No fear or nervous at all unlike before. I already have confidence this time.

So first thing we paid the exit tax, then got stamped. We walked towards Nicaragua boarder. There was a checkpoint to check our passports. After that, entering the gate with two officers checking the passport again and then we headed to the other side to get lil square piece of paper like stub and they asked me my nationality and wrote it down on the list.

Afterwards, I asked my friend to accompany me first to the xerox copier area to xerox my passport and the last stamp on my passport because I knew already that I need it for my visa. We lined up at the entrance then. when our turn already I showed my passport together with the xerox. The officer told me how much to pay and we need to wait for my visa. We waited for few minutes and I got my visa smoothly. No hassles...

Going back to Costa Rica

After the stamping, my friend suggested to me that we can go back to Costa Rica after few hours. I was hesitant because I knew that I need to stay even a night in the country but I would never know if I wont try it. So we gave it a try!

I asked my friend to accompany me to the nearby hometown in Nicaragua since we couldn't find internet computer shop at the boarder. The people at the boarder couldn't let us use their computer since they don't have ineternet. I was not able to print my ticket when we were still in Jaco. My friend said it's ok because they won't ask about it. I was worried because I experienced already entering Costa Rica and they asked me my itenerary going back to my home country, Philippines.

When he saw my uncomfortable face, he asked someone to help us find internet cafe. That was our mistake because that boy tried to bribe us.

We went to net cafe and paid the guy $5 for sending us back and forth by taxi. We never got my print out ticket because I couldn't enter in my email. The gmail asked my number to send me a code in order to open my email but I couldn't receive that code since my simcard in my phone is Costa Rican simcard and no signal in their country. In short, that try was a waste of time and money.

We headed back to the boarder since we decided to go back to Costa Rica after few hours. But the boy did not leave us. After we did the step by step procedure in exiting Nicaragua which was the same in my first trip, we ended up at the last officers to check our passport at the exit gate. The boy was still there, together with his friends. While waiting for my passport to give back to me because the officer was checking my stamps, the boy talked to the him in Spanish and we did not understand them. Finally, the officer said I couldn't go back to Costa Rica because I have Visa and I need to stay for 3 days in their country.

I was annoyed because I already have stamp that I exit the country. I told him what would I do? Why the officer inside did not tell me? He shouldn't stamped my passport if that's the case! I already have this exit stamp!!!

My friend knows bribery so he said to me just be calm. He talked to the boy to talk to the officer about our situation. They are asking for money. My friend offered $5 but they didnot accept. They want 10 thousand colones that's $20. I was really reacting because they were just tripping on me. Anyways, my friend is an American.

After giving them money, the boy asked for a tip again in helping us. I did not talk to him because I was really upset. So my friend gave him $5.

We spent $25 for exiting the gate, $20 for the officers and $5 for the boy. I really hate those officers and the boy!

So in entering Costa Rica was also same in my first trip. But, this time the officer did not ask me to show my ticket. He just asked me how many days are we going to stay in Costa Rica.

After that, my stamp for my stay in Costa Rica was renewed for another 90 days. I was so happy. We took the same bus at 1:00pm and luckily we still got seats in SanJose which was the last trip going to Jaco. That was really a long hours of road trip.

Our Expenses

Costa Rica
$10 + $15 + $18 + $18+ $10
$2+ $24 + $50 + $2 + $4 +$25
My expenses were twice because we were two in this trip. We brought our own food and drinks.

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