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FILIPINO BACKPACKERS: My Third Visit Crossing The Border Gate of Nicaragua

Updated on September 15, 2016

There are changes on the way

Hi guys!

Here I am again sharing my third visit to Nicaragua. This time I'm gonna write some changes in my journey on the way. If you follow my writings from the start you can see there about the fare, bus, tax, and other observations. In my second trip I stated little changes in restaurant and return date. Now, I'm gonna show you new changes compared to my previous hubs.

Let's start:

Well, from Jaco we took the last trip going to San Jose and got a room to stay there for awhile to wait til dawn. From my second visit we already knew the bus terminal and time of departure. But, we were wrong!

When we arrived at the terminal at 2:00 am, no passenger waiting at the area. So we thought we just arrived too early. We observed that the gate was locked. Then we went to the nearby terminal waiting area across to it to find a seat. Few minutes later, a guard asked what were we doing there? and we told him about our trip. He said the terminal was transfered already a lil bit far from there. He suggested to take a taxi since it was still dawn and not safe for us to walk. Luckily, we found one and the driver took us to the general terminal.

I asked the guard on duty what time the bus will depart and where to buy our tickets. He showed me the way. The terminal was so big compared to the old ones. When I got our tickets, it was same price with the previous trips I had.

I was expecting to see a deldu bus same before but I was shocked again when a double deck bus arrived on the station. That was my first time ever to ride a double deck bus. Our seat numbers were located at the upper deck and it was great!

On the way, we had a stop over on the same restaurant I stated in my second trip before. As usual, we ate the food I brought with us.When we headed to Nicaragua, we did not experience check point on the way unlike before where police comes inside the bus to check the passport of each passenger. It was a smooth trip and I slept all the way.

When wearrived at the boarder, I observed again that the booth in paying tax was transfered on the left side of the old booth. I paid the tax and they collected $8 dollars each even it was stated in the receipt $7 only. I asked the man why they collected 8? He said $1 for service charge. So we leftthe place puzzled.

So, same process before. We exit Costa Rica and enter Nicaragua smoothly and no hassles. What was really annoying always was the people coming to you asking some offer or help and we always say no. Now, the Nicaragua Immigration Office was transfered to the building next to the gate where we gonna enter Nicaragua land.

So, that's it. We went to the same hostel I went before during my first trip. We paid taxi $10 going to Rivas and we stayed the night there. We observed food was really cheaper than Costa Rica. We changed some cash to Cordobas. $1 is 27 cordobas. I gave the $20 and he gave me 540 cordobas. I paid hotel 270 cordobas. When we return to the boarder the next day we paid the taxi driver 220 cordobas.

We had a smooth processing again. This time the officers were so good and treated us nicely. No Bribery! :)

At the Costa Rica immigration, the officer asked for my ticket and I was prepared and showed my itinerary using my phone. But, my american friend was not prepared. His ticket cannot be found in his email. The officer won't consider so my friend told her he's leaving Wednesday. It was Sunday at that moment. Then, the officer stamped his passport 3 days. What? Yes, only 3 days stay in Costa Rica. Luckily, that was a real trip. If not, he needs to exit Costa Rica again forcefully. Well, I got 90 days as usual.


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    • bujoy83 profile imageAUTHOR

      Robelyn Yambao 

      3 years ago from Costa Rica

      Yes, indeed.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      It sounds like quite an adventure. I'm glad you returned safely.


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