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Nigerian E-Passport requirements for Children and Minors

Updated on May 28, 2014

E-Passport requirements for Children/Minors

The Nigerian e-Passport application Process for a minor differed from the Application Process for an Adult.

A Minor is a child between the ages of 0 years to 17 years of age on or before the date of application at the Nigeria Immigration Service Passport Office or at the Nigerian Embassy or Consulate Passport Office.

By the virtue of the Document Requirements, a minor must certify to the Nigeria Immigration Services that they meet all the requirements as set out for the Processing of a Nigerian e-Passport Application.

Booking an Appointment for the submission and Picture taking in either the Nigerian Embassy or Nigerian High Commission is the most important part of the Nigerian e-Passport Application Process.

Please NOTE that without an ONLINE Appointment booked directly from such websites, you would not be attended to. It is very Vital that you check the Nigerian Embassy's website in your Country of domicile for such facilities.

In order to fully process a Nigerian E-Passport for your children, the following Requirements must be met.

  • Nigerian e-Passport Appointment slip (check your Embassy or Consulate website in your area of domicile)
  • Nigerian e-passport Application Form (Filled and checked for errors and fully signed)
  • Nigerian e-passport Payment Slip.
  • Nigerian e-Passport Acknowledgement Slip.
  • 2 Passport photographs of the Applicant.
  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of old MRP Passport/copy of endorsement page.
  • Letter of Consent from the Child's Father
  • Copy of Father's Nigerian Passport
  • Proof of address (parents/Legal Guardian)
  • Administrative charges (dependent on the Embassy – Please contact your Nigerian Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in your Country of domicile for more information).

It is very important that you crosscheck all the entries on the Nigerian e-Passport Application form before submitting it.

You may not have the privilege of editing the e-Passport Application Form once you submit it.

Remember that all Nigerian e-Passport Application must be from the Nigeria Immigration Service Website.

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