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Nights In Kyiv (Kiev)

Updated on September 27, 2012

Nights in Kyiv are very different: some of them are calm and solitude others are bright and wild. The city has always been famous for its night lights that cover almost all of its historical parks.

It used to be pretty scary to walk the streets of Kyiv at night. Between ever green parks and lonely benches one could come across a real criminal from 90s which made the city even more romantic.

The city of 4 millions of people is especially interesting on night tours when you walk through the mighty monuments of Soviet style to the oldest almost ancient ones that date to the XII century.

I like when it is summertime, when I can take a bottle of champagne, call my close friends and the new ones and walk the historical center of the city Podol. In lights and shadows the city is very sweet and warm, each word is different each joke is funnier.

I like to walk its narrow streets and climb its curvy hills which are enlightened by mighty cathedrals that hide mysterious stories.

It is like you got to that place where you are happy and all you can do is take the moment, when you are memorizing each moment as if you had a camera with you.

And don't think that Nightlife in Kyiv is only romantic and calm, if to turn to the corner from Podol you will get to the center of the city where music plays all night and people dance like crazy. Alcohol, clubs, fashion clothes and super expensive cars all of it is in the center of the city. And even if you go to the more descant places you will find the same wild parties with world famous and incredibly beautiful Ukrainian women who surely add special plus to the city.

In short, Kyiv is a great place to be at night because here you will find everything that you might need after dark.


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    • Vera Petryk profile image

      Vera Petryk 5 years ago

      Thenk you for your comment, Pavlo)))I feel the same way)))

    • Pavlo Badovskyy profile image

      Pavlo Badovskyi 5 years ago from Kyiv, Ukraine

      Welcome to HP! I believe I am the first to comment on your hubs :) As to Kiev - do not look for troubles at dark streets and you will be fine. I love Kiev both at night and in a daytime!!