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Noisy Candlewood Suites Hotel Near Active Train Track

Updated on March 22, 2014
Active Railroad near Candlewood Suites Austin-Round Rock (HOTEL):

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Posted: 2:11 p.m. March 21, 2014
By Teresa | I Bet You Didn't Know

Did you know Candlewood Suites in Round Rock was built by an active railroad? It is nothing you cannot discover on your own before going there. Candlewood Suites at 521 South I35 in Round Rock, Texas offers rooms at about $89 per night. This is rather high considering it is near an active railroad. Did you know Google Maps can be your best friend when finding a hotel to stay at for a restful night? It can and it should be used by all travelers of any kind. It is most often better to know your surroundings before you go to any particular area for any reason. Google Maps helps to make that possible. It is how I came to know of the railroad near this Candlewood Suites location.

There was an unfortunate incident reported on the Candlewood Suites website. If do a CTRL+F for 'Noisy place' comment by user 'Micromutt' and 'VeryTired47', you will be able to see for yourself that there is a train noise issue at that property. Most hotels in Austin and Round Rock are not located near a railroad. But you do have a tiny percentage that were strangely built near one.

'Very shocking what the 'HotelStaff' had to say in reply to these two customers posts about the train. I did a Google Map search for this location and did notice the train track nearby. Anyone can see it if they do the Google Map search and view the street view. There is in fact a train track near this property.'

Candlewood Suites Austin-Round Rock (HOTEL):
521 South Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664, USA

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Active Railroad Near Candlewood Suites Austin-Round Rock (HOTEL):
North Interstate Highway 35 & McNeil Road, Round Rock, TX 78664, USA

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The active railroad crosses N IH35 & McNeil Road. Zoom in, move the map around, and do a street view to see just how close it is to Candlewood Sui

The comments mentioned were from last year, however, that train track has been there for ages and as you can see yourself -- is there to stay.

Candlewood Suites Filtering Comments on Their Site

While you are on their site viewing the comments, do keep in mind they have control over what comments are posted and which ones are not. They blocked my comment from appearing. Obviously, they do not want too many bad reviews appearing on their site. Only allowing positive reviews would without a doubt make it look fake. Everyone knows this. What are the chances nobody has a complaint about any one thing?! They know people are not stupid. So they allow a certain percentage of negative reviews in. However, they blocked mine. Mine does not even appear, and yes it was a negative one. Well, since they are blocking it over there, I know it will not be blocked on a website they have no control over.

Is $89 Per Night at Hotel in a Remote Area Worth It?

The active railroad is still there to this day. It's not going anywhere, just because a hotel decided to build near it. So anyone seeking to stay at that hotel can most certainly expect to hear train noises during the course of their stay. If you are not willing to spend $89 and more per night to stay next to an active railroad, then it would make sense to spend your money elsewhere to get better quality for your money. Additionally, the location is remote. It's not really near anything. You can do a Google Map search and do the street view to see what's around it for yourself. Considering the circumstances, they need to lower their rate to below $35 per night for that specific location and any of their other locations that might have the same two issues (e.g. remote location and near active railroad).

There Should be a Law

'Hotels that are built next to railroads should be required by law to not only build sound-proofing walls to reduce noise a great deal, but also to install sound-proofing windows. The railroads were obviously there before the hotels were built and continue to be there afterwards. So since hotels owners know this before they even consider building near a railroad, they should take into consideration the noise from an active railroad and any other potential noise issues (highways). After all, what's the purpose of a hotel? To give travelers a place to lay their head and get good rest. How can you, if you're hearing trains and other outside noises?'

Travelers' Tips About Hotels

  • When searching for a hotel to stay at, be sure to check the address in Google Maps, do a street view and look around the area to get a good idea what is and is not around. Look for railroads, highways or any other things that might cause your stay to be less than desirable. There are not many hotels that are built with sound-proofing in mind. Read reviews about noise levels (this will affect the quality of your stay), customer service on how any noise complaints are handled, etc.
  • If you absolutely must stay at a hotel next to any undesirable area with noise issues, consider buying ear plugs. No two ear plug types are alike. Read the box for ones that reduce the most sound.
  • Additionally, you may try to contact their sales department to negotiate the rate even lower by mentioning how you know they have noise issues with the active railroad nearby. Hotels need to fill rooms. When they don't, they lose money. If they don't give you the rate you want, guess what? There are other hotels you can book your stay. But it would be in their best interest to try to work with your offer because they know you'll just find another hotel with another brand to stay at that's in a better area.
  • In the Austin and surrounding cities, which includes Round Rock, there are so many hotels to choose from especially at $89 a night. So you do not have to settle for a remote hotel near an active train track for that rate when you can get a hotel room at the same rate (and sometimes even less) over at a different hotel in a better area and without noise issues. I've stayed at several hotels in the area, so I know which ones have next to no noise and I know of ones that are noisy.

    The most noisy hotel I've stayed at is Value Place hands down. Why? Because the walls on every side are extremely thin. This is not an exaggeration. When they built their properties, they did not consider noise level at all. It's as if the walls only serve the purpose of so other guests can't see you -- and that's it. Don't be on your phone or having a conversation with someone there about personal and private information like calling your bank or giving your credit card/debit card information to a restaurant over the phone to pay for your meal delivery. The walls are really just that thin for the next person to hear you and jot down that information. You can run the shower to help so your conversation is not heard. That's wasting water, though. Or you can crank up your TV, but then you'll likely get a call about someone complaining. Your best bet, take your conversations in your vehicle or go for a walk or something. I heard a female talking about how she was going to commit suicide and you could hear the guy she was talking to on her mobile phone because he was not there. How I know because she was not happy that he left her there with no money to cover the rest of her stay and she didn't know what to do or where to go. She had him on speaker phone (on her mobile phone -- Value Place's hotel does not have speaker phones in their rooms). This is just to give you a better understanding of how thin that hotel's walls are. But the rate is low at $269.99 per week at all of their locations according to their site, which equates to about $38.57 per day. Doesn't matter which one you stay at in, I've stayed at 2 out of 3 of their locations so far; and the thin walls just seems to be "standard" unfortunately. Ear plugs were not very effective at all with this hotel. I tried different types. Stay at Value Place, only as a very last resort. You were warned.
  • Instead of listing many, here are (at very least) a couple of hotels with fairly thick walls so you are not likely to hear guests in neighboring rooms: Extended Stay America at 2700 Gracy Farms Lane in Austin, Texas and the Courtyard Austin-University Area location at 2525 Interstate Highway 35 South in Austin. At some point, I'll make a list of all the ones with thick walls, so obviously I pick those when I travel, but for now I mentioned just two for the article.

Traveling to the Austin Area?

If you'd like me to test out a hotel before you book a room there in the future, contact me and I can see if I have the budget for it. Trust me, nothing is worse than booking a hotel for $89/night (or any amount for that matter) just to get no sleep because of noise. You won't be happy with getting no sleep when you're tired.

Rest well. You deserve it!
Rest well. You deserve it!

How important is noise level to you when booking a hotel room?

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    • ibetyoudidntknow profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Texas

      :) Yea it's a shame that I even need to mention earplugs. Thanks for you reading and voting.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish MS 

      4 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      I like your ad for earplugs in this Hub as it is very humorous to see, although guests at this lodging place need them. Voted UP.


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