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North Korea's Atomic Bomb and the Axis of Doom

Updated on February 13, 2013
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The recent atomic bomb test by North Korea is yet another bad omen for the future. It is bad because it is another step for that country to have a nuclear weapon, sooner than you might think, and another country that cannot be stopped.

It might be okay if NK was an open and friendly with others instead of an isolationist and secretive and one that hates just about everyone but China. Even China is irritated. North Korea has shown that its nuclear weapon development is alive and well despite efforts to stop it. Much like Iran. In fact, Iran has learned it from the North Koreans. While it was a small nuclear bomb that was tested underground, even a small one is very destructive. There seems little doubt that it will have created a small enough nuclear weapon to be installed in the nose of one of its long range missiles. They probably got this technology from Pakistan years ago.

Once this happens, probably in a few years, the bad omen begins. One can easily see an "axis of doom" with Iran and North Korea. Both countries have exchanged research and technology regarding nuclear weapons, much of it coming from NK to Iran. But Iran could send more modern Russian missile technology to NK since Iran buys most of its weapons from Russia. Of course each country has its own scientists and research facilities.

The Axis of Doom will threaten its neighbors from different parts of the world. NK will threaten Japan, South Korea, U.S. territories, South Korea will want its own nuclear weapon, Iran will threaten the Persian Gulf countries that produce 80% of the world's oil. Imagine how the world will change with a single nuclear bomb going off in Saudi Arabia. And we are not even talking about the war that will follow it. even the bellicose threat of using one as a political weapon will be effective depending on the government.

The U.S. shield to defend much of Europe from such an Iranian nuclear attack is flawed. There are many gaps where the shield is simply not there. Yet, there is no such shield to protect Japan or South Korea. The Axis of Doom could create a world crisis with firing one missile carrying one nuclear bomb that hits a strategic target or city.

Both Iran and North Korea have shown they have the missile capabilities to reach targets. The NK nuclear test was most likely also an Iranian nuclear test, one can presume the two will exchange data about it. It seems that all the world can do about this coming "Axis of Doom" is wait and see and pray the worse fears do not come true.


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      6 years ago

      There are some people in this world who just can't be negotiated with. If you have nothing to offer that they want, negotiation is a moot point.

      There are also people in this world you refuse to see that some people can and will do bad things, no matter how nice and positive everyone else is.

      The North Korean government, through their mismanagement and overly militaristic behavior, has destroyed their economy and are driving their people to starvation. Their back is almost up against the wall, and people in that situation often lash out.


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