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North West Flight 605

Updated on March 22, 2014


Asiatic Lilies in flight.
Asiatic Lilies in flight. | Source

North West Flight 605

By Annette Gagliardi

Blue seats in neat rows-
Narrow in between
The gauntlet of passage
slows the passenger stream.

Blue uniforms work
their way backward.
Coffee? Tea? Soda?
Making the impatient wait.

Seat belts on-
Window shades down,
heads nod in repose
as we sleep in our clothes.

Above the clouds
sunshine glows.
Thirty-two thousand feel high,
how very fast we fly!

Asiatic Lilies

The tone of the poem, muted the flight of the flowers.
The tone of the poem, muted the flight of the flowers. | Source

Fly Away

by A.Gagliardi

I will fly away

from all this

doing, running, struggling

living our life.

I will fly away

from you

and your strong emotions

opinions, intensity, too.

I will fly

away for a time

because we make our life together

too sublime.

I will fly away

and come back again

because you are my beginning

and my end.

How often do you fly?

How often do you fly?

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