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Northern Colorado's "Real" Haunted Houses

Updated on July 3, 2011

"Real" Haunted Houses to Visit in Colorado

I being a person from Northern Colorado, my friends and I would get together during halloween and go visit supposed locations of hauntings. If you're thinking about visiting Fort Collins, co. I have a few places, you might want to go to scare yourself a little or someone your with :).

During our adventures, we would typically document via video. Unfortunately I have no idea where the disks are, otherwise I would post them. We thought it was fun, to roam around acting like we were those folks on the Discovery Channel, with the british accents, acting spooked at every little thing. A few of the places, I would recommend to visit are: Bingham Hill Cemetery or the Goat Farm. Unfortunately Boltz Jr High and the Old Fort Collins High School, are first illegal to get in during the hours in which the "hauntings" take place, and secondly the Old Fort Collins High School has been Re-done.

BingHam Hill Cemetery: It's located in La Porte (North of fort collins) off of Overland trail, unfortunately I can't remember the exact address; However, if you find yourself heading north on Overland trail, after about 5 minutes of driving, you can take a left on one of the roads (there aren't many) and it's to the immediate right a sign which will say "Bingham Hill Cemetery" a small one and a wooden fence, with a huge tree overhanging it. The history behind this graveyard, is supposedly (This is the rumored version) all the people they caught whom were murderers, rapists, theifs, etc... were burried here, along with an entire church that was plagued. Also a small farm family that preyed victim to a serial killer. Rumor has it, although I have never seen it, that when you're walking along the erie path on it's way to the cemetery, you'll come across this tree. It's very obvious which one it is, for it overhangs on the path and is about the scariest looking tree you've ever seen. The rumor is, on a full moon (or is it when the moon disappears?), at the time 3:33, you can find a girl hanging by a nuise from this tree. Most people speak of the little girl, having "seen" her sitting in one of the fenced graves, or on the bench, or skipping along the path. I have personally been to this graveyard 8 times, to me it's not scary, although creepy. My friends who have gone with me have claimed to have seen things, but who knows. If you're looking for a fun creepy time, this is definitely a place worth visiting during halloween.

Goat Farm

Goat Farm: This place is located off of Horsetooth, if you follow horsetooth as far east as you can, you'll run to a corner where an old, burn down farm stands with the ugliest tree you have ever seen, the tree is called, "Hell Tree" for ominous purposes of course. The story behind this one, is in the early 1900s or a little before, a man who owned this establishment was a goat farmer, he had hired hands of course like anyone else. He discovered one of these hired hands stealing a goat one evening, so he hung the person. The next few days he discovered the other hired hands were planning on killing him for having hung their friend, so he hung those people as well. All which were hung from the tree which is right next to the house. Having started to lose his mind, he heard rumors about a mob that was going to head his way to apprehend him, tar and feather of course, then let the police take him into custody, let the bank take his house and his wife and 2 daughters were to be thrown out onto the streets. This made him snap, so he went home, took a 12 gauge shotgun to his wife who was in the bath at the time, went into his daughters rooms and suffocated them both, then went outside and hung himself from the tree. After that, no one wanted anything to do with that house and just left it. Years later, the house strangely caught fire, which investigators explained that it had started from the bathtub, lead into the girls bedroom, then consumed the rest of the house. Ironically, the tree no longer produces any leaves; however, still continues to grow. It is said on a dark night, you will find the owner and his hired-hands hanging from this tree, and the daughters crying in the house. I have been here as well, several times, and have yet to see anything, but the place seriously creeps me out, if you ever happen to go here, be aware cops do drive by from time to time. But it's a great story to tell a few friends then take them with for an adventure. A creepy halloween one!

Old Fort Collins High School: It is located off propsect and college in fort collins, supposedly someone threw themselves off the tower on top of this school. Having been in it, before it was re-designed, this place was the creepiest. Having been the home of bats and dark shadows that crept up. I would of course, sneak in... There were several key locations to observe in this place. One was the Music hall, ampitheatre, mini audtiorium (whatever you want to call it) It was said, that on certain occasions you could hear a young man yelling and screaming in this auditorium. I having been in there, never heard of such things, but did witness the shadows moving in strange ways, in a pitch black room it's hard to think that shadows can move. If you really wanted to creeped out, there was a ladder next to the stage on the right side if you're look at the stage. You climb up this ladder, into a room, with of course profanic writings on the walls, but the weird part was the fingernail scratchings on the walls. Now if you took the stairs to the basement, and only one set of stairs would get you there, you would come to a dungeon like room, with peoples names on the walls with "So and so is going to die" in red of course for the dramatic effect. The windows in the basement always had hand-prints all over them as if done by a young child. If you could get on the roof, easiest done by going through the auditorium and instead of going into the room, climbing a little higher, then going through the crawl space then to a second ladder a bit smaller and finding yourself getting on the roof. Here you would walk to the Tower, of course you need to be able to jump or go with 3 people to get onto the higher lvl that lets you walk to the tower. If you walk to this tower, there's a door underneath, you open it and walk in, then another old ladder that's made out of wood from hundreds of years ago most likely, which then you climb to the tower. Inside, under the tower it's full of peoples names as part of senior high dares most likely, doves, bats, spiderwebs etc... The whole experience is pretty creepy,but it's not the same anymore unfortunately and I'm not that young anymore.

Boltz Jr High: It's rumored that you'll hear a person in the halls at night, foot steps, but never any sightings. That's about it.

Hopefully these are a few good campfire stories to tell people. Of course, most of the time rumors are best served as dessert, a little flavor added can only make a story a bit more exciting.

Good luck you thrill seekers, maybe someone could tell me any of their stories. And ya, I have been to the stanley hotel, the basement is the creepiest part of it.

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    • profile image


      11 months ago

      This article dismisses the claims Mr Strang acted as it is indicated by "urban legend". It appears he was a regular farmer with no farm hands that met their demise by being hung from "Hell Tree", nor did Mr Strang hang himself on the same tree.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have been to fort Collins high before and after the remodel, if you go to the places that where creepy before the remodel, there is still an uneasy feeling about, especially in the music hall. If you are all alone you can still here a quite yell of a man! CREEPY!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Just went there tonight and it was creepy as hell. Saw a building that hasn't even been there before. Go to the Stanley hotel I have had so many experiences there that I would say go there

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      you are all wimps i just went there and nothing happened. all the way to the door, drunk yelled at anyone to respond and there was nothing. So if you have proof, prove it and i will believe you, other then that your all pussies!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Been to the goat farm multiple times and nothing really happens. i think yall are delusional.

    • profile image

      Makayla y 

      7 years ago

      Ok so I went to the goat farm with a couple of friends and I didn't believe it was haunted until this happened!so me and some friends parked in the parking lot and then walke to the house we walked up to it and I felt sadness I didn't know why but my friends forced me to go inside with them after I did I got scared I ran to the car and waited for them when they cam back my friend delaney was crying I didn't know why so I hauled ass outa there after this I woke up at exactly 6:00 am to a man in blue overalls standing in my closet watching me. I freaked out and called my friend Elizabeth while she was talkin I heard a creepy voice say death so I freaked out hung up and posted this so what'll telling u is true don't believe it's fine but I'm warning you don't go in that house there is a great evil ther he duz not want yuh there!!!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've been to Bingham Hill Cemetary a lot of times and used a digital recorder, plus I took many still photos. I have yet to capture a decent EVP, but I have gotten orbs, mists/ectoplasms on the still photos. It definitely has a creepy feel, sad even, but it's not scary.

    • profile image

      Jimmy hardrocks 

      7 years ago

      You guys are crazy lol

    • Manchester23 profile imageAUTHOR

      Joshua McDonald 

      7 years ago from Fort Collins, Colorado

      It's nice to come back and see the comments that have been left over the last bit of time. It is also funny to see something I wrote down more in the spirit of a "scary" place to visit for halloween has attracted others ideas/places/opinions/and facts. Thanks a lot for all your input and stories guys :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      My name is Lila Cornia and I work for the Biography channel on a show called My Ghost Story. We are currently looking for new stories for our next season. We are very interested in the Hell Tree as a haunted location. We are looking for stories of hauntings with evidence to back it up. If you have some creepy stories and would be interested in having the location featured on the show, please contact me by email at . You can check out an episode at

      Hope to hear from you!

      Lila Cornia

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      the goat farm is actually one of john avery's houses he built way back in 1889. i have been documenting it a lot and have a lot of bad things happening when i go there. lots of pictures too. with lots of unexplainable things. bingham hill is actually an old Indian burial ground and bad things started happening when more white people and such got buried there. i have an uncle who's ashes are spread there and a friend from bel vue who is buried there

    • Lexe Charleston profile image

      Lexe Charleston 

      7 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      I totally dig ghost stories and such. I've been on a few ghost tours in San Diego and LA. If I ever make it to Colorado, now I'll know where to go to get a good ghost fix!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The Bingham Hill Cemetary's true history is well documented in a book titled, "History of Bingham Hill Cemetary" by Rose L. Brinks. Overland Foods, located on Old 287 in LaPorte Colorado, has copies for sale at the checkouts.

      The Provost family began the cemetary when a couple of their childred became ill and passed away. The children's grave could be seen from a window of the Provost home, thereby bringing comfort to their grieving mother. It is the first gated plot you come upon. A good majority of those buried in Bingham Hill are children that passed due to illness, therefore expected, that one might feel the overwhelming sadness of several grieving parents lingering in the air.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i go t boltz and one day there were two boys in the room and i came in to get somin and have been tellin me that tel desks were moving so after a while one desk moved we all ran out its kinda scary and suprising

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      well i wet to the goat farm today the 8/5/10 and last nite too. well when we got there and started walikung to the house it startes to get really cold!! it was just me and a friend going to the housecuz the girls didn't want to eveb get close to the house.. we got to almos to the house when we heard a lil girl crying!! then te girls called us cuz a cop was coming. so we went the next day with more people we walked around the house we didn't hear anuthing!! i think its better if u go after 1 in the morning thays when u here shyt!!! but i think u should go to this other house that is on prospect in the other side of I25 un keep going straight when u pass the main street that goes to timnath the u see two house to your left well to the first entrens that u see after those two house turn!! its hidding bihind huge threes its a good hunted house.. when u dive up to it. it looks like its looking at u but that's not it.. sit out side for a bit and look at the far left side window ull see someone looking down at you!! then just walking in thru the back when u get in make everyone be silent and one of you talk to the house bu recored cuz that's the only way u see if any thing was there unless the boiler starts to shake!!! it a re3ally good house for a creepy adventure!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have gone to the goat farm many many times, and every single time i go i see a mans dark figure. Its pretty much anywhere though, not just the tree. And inside the house we shot a video and got a quick glimpse of a little girls face in the closet. Super creepy! Also everyone that i have ever gobe with has felt something walk past them or even stand behind them, and then everytime we leave there are times when when everyone feels like there skin is burning, but as soon as we walk down the road aways it goes away immediately.

      Nateal, I say that u should deffinetly go, just make sure you go with a group.

    • profile image

      Nateal Shea 

      8 years ago

      Hello sir,

      Just wanted to ask if you could describe the vibe you got from the "Goat Farm". . .

      Uh. . .I personally have never been there, considering it, but I don't want anything bad to happen. I especially don't want zee cops to catch me. . .not fun.:p

    • profile image

      Steel toe boots. . .WOW! 

      8 years ago


      There is NOT a man with steel toe boots on the bridge EVER!

      I doubt that you would be able to handle a man in steel boots on a bridge if you cant even handle driving by a farm, pussy. . .psh!

      Some people these days!That is the biggest lie I have ever read about Bingham Hill, spell it right next time.

      Jesus, grow up!

      Ha ha ha

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I believe hell tree is badly haunted. Everytime I go I hear a women scream girls crying and you I cry when I pass the house. Which is weird. I couldn't get into beingham hill every time I go I hear steel toe boots on the bridge and see a dark tall figure standing there he won't let some people pass. They are both scary places. Try centennial high they may let you in. That place is haunted too.


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