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Northern Cyprus

Updated on September 10, 2013
Northern Cyprus Island
Northern Cyprus Island

A bit about the Island

If you are coming here then knowing a little bit about it is always indispensable. So, here, we have made an attempt to put down everything about the island which is simply necessary for anyone who comes here. You will feel safe and secure when you are in a place which is familiar to you, but as North Cyprus is such a sage place, with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, we thought we would give you a helping hand with more interesting information about Northern Cyprus for your Northern Cyprus Holidays?

Official Name

Northern Cyprus (NC) or officially called (TRNC) Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In Turkish Language it is Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti


Rauf Denktaş


Northeastern part of the island comes under NC and it actually runs from the tip of the Karpass Peninsula and touches regions like Morphou Bay, Cape Kormakitis.

Capital City

Nicosia which is the largest city here on the island

Official Language

Cypriots here speak typical Turkish language.


Islanders here are known as Cypriots or Turkish Cypriots

Total Area

This Island covers a large area. It is around 3,355 KM2



If you are here then you will have to spend in Lira (Turkish Lira). Euros are also used (If you are here on Northern Cyprus holidays then you can have the chance to spend Euro-free holidays as well. Get converted your Euros into lira).

Brief about History

The Island was under the control of the British. Later it gained independence (In August 1960) and was divided into two parts as Southern and Northern Cyprus. Northern Part of the island is under the control of the Turkish Cypriots.

Form of Government

It is Democratic Republic. President (usually elected for a period of five years) is chosen as the head of the state. Prime Minister as the head of the Government

Five Major Districts in Northern Cyprus

This island is divided into five main districts. They are Lefkosa (popularly known as Nicosia) Grine (popularly known as Kyrenia), Gazimaguza (popularly known as Famagusta), Guzelyurt (popularly known as Morphou) and Iskele (popularly known as Trikomo)


Northern Cyprus is a perfectly Mediterranean island with Mediterranean climate. The temperature is always good. Winters are always cool and rainy (runs from December to February). Annual rainfall here on the island is around 60%. Snow fall is common too but around the regions of Kyrenia (round Kyrenia Range). Snow falls in other parts too especially when the temperatures in the night goes dramatically down and down. Spring season can said to be the best but is always short with no consistency. Weather can sometimes be unstable. There can sometimes be heavy storms. Summer is always hot (Temperature can really go higher and higher. The rivers which were filled due to winter torrents begin to dry up as well with temperature going higher).

Northern Cyprus
Northern Cyprus

Tourism in Northern Cyprus

Tourism Industry in Northern Cyprus brings a lot of advantage for the island. As here are so many beautiful places so the visitors come here to spend their Kyrenia or Famagusta holidays. This island is known to have so many beaches too which are popular for their med-character. Beaches are in plenty here on the island in regions like Famagusta and Kyrenia. Many of the tourists, especially from the western parts of the world come here to spend their beach holidays feel extremely attracted to beaches here such as Escape beach, Lara beach, Acapulco beach, Turtle beach, Deniz Kizi beach etc.

Historical Monuments

This island comprises so many historical monuments. Visitors can have the chance to visit each and every place here. There are so many historical monuments in districts like Famagusta and Kyrenia. Some of the best can be Kyrenia Castle, Famagusta City Walls, Othello Towers, Bellapais Abbey etc.

A bit about culture in Northern Cyprus

Visitors who are coming here can have the chance to get an experience about typical cypriotic culture which actually seems to be the blend of the Turkish and Arab cultures.


Visitors can have the chance to taste typically cypriotic food which can even be very spicy. This island is renowned for a large number of dishes. Most of them are made from meat or include meat. Kabaabs which are made from lamb, Kofte or Sheikh Kabaab are very famous. The spices used can really upset a visitor’s stomach if he / she has never taken spices. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians can really get whatever they would like to. When you are here then do not forget to taste a dish called Yalancı Dolma which is actually made from stuffed vegetables. Do not forget to taste other dishes too such as Molohiya and Kolokas etc.

How to come to Northern Cyprus?

If you are looking for a holiday-destination this summer (or in any season) then come here for fun. An experienced tour operator can help you in managing everything during your tour here. Most countries do not need visas, and there are no landing fees once you arrive, however If you are a visitor from the U.S., Japan etc then you will have to get a visitor’s visa. You should remember this that there are no embassies anywhere except in Turkey. However, those who would like to come to Northern Cyprus can have the choice to apply at certain representative offices which are in London, Washington DC, New York etc. British UK and European travellers do not require any kind of visas when traveling to North Cyprus through Ercan airport or with direct flights to Larnaca airport.

Air Flights

If you are coming to Northern Cyprus then your flight first touchdown in Turkey. After the touchdown you will fly onto Ercan International Airport in Northern Cyprus. All flights anyhow touchdown in Turkey first. You can even land on the Airport Larnaca (south of the border). From there you will have a transfer to Northern Cyprus. The recommended way for this is to book with reputable tour operators who specialize in this very popular and time saving route.

Hiring a Taxi / Car etc

If you are here then you can have the chance to visit various places which are renowned and enough to attract anyone. If you are here then arrange for a taxi. Talk to your tour operators as this can help you in visiting any of the places which you would like to. You can even have the option to make use of the Dolmus and Kombos. Yes, these two can really be a good option for you. These are actually shared taxis. You can simply wave them down and get in to go to your destination. You should know this too that if you are taking a taxi from Nicosia to Kyrenia then you may have to pay something around twenty liras.

But if you decide to go by Dolmus then you may not have to pay more. You will have to just pay something around Three-Four Turkish lira. You, as a visitor here, can find plenty of Dolmus in the city center. Visitors can even have the option to hire a car as well which in fact, can really be a good option (If you are here to see most of the beautiful places in Northern Cyprus then you really need to as this will let you see the places anytime you would like to).

Six best places in different locations

If you are here then you should anyhow see these places.

  1. St. Hilarion Castle / Five-finger Mountains
  2. Kyrenia Harbour
  3. Kyrenia Castle
  4. Bellapais Village (one of the most ancient villages which is just beautiful to attract anyone)
  5. Salamis Ruins or Ruins of Salamis in Famagusta
  6. Büyük Han (also known as or popularly known as Great Han) in Nicosia


Visitors here can have the chance to indulge in various activities.

  • They have the chance to enjoy any water sports (They can go for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, boating, scuba diving etc).
  • They can play beach volley ball.
  • They can go on expeditions too. They have the chance to go for trekking or mountaineering etc.
  • They can have the chance to indulge in wild life photography too. Those who are fond of golf can play golf too.


There can be no problem for the visitors. You can have various options. You can stay at any of the best Northern cyprus hotels (depends more on in which part of the island you are, if you are here in Famagusta or in Kyrenia then the charges may vary). You can have the chance to stay in top-class hotels. You can get a room at fairly lowered prices.

So, just take any of the best Northern Cyprus Packages and spend your time here on the island. Spend your holidays like never before…..

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Map to Cyprus

Northern Cyprus:

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