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Northern Texas? Wasteland or Oasis?

Updated on August 13, 2016

Wildlife Tracks

Coyote tracks in the Kiowa Rita national grass lands
Coyote tracks in the Kiowa Rita national grass lands

A land soaked in blood and paid in cash

From the Canadian river to the Oklahoma state line this land was once rich with wildlife and plant life. Covered in its famous red clay the surrounding area of the Canadian river were home to adobe building peoples. However most of the land here in Northern Texas belonged to the Comanche and Kiowa Native Americans. They were rich in culture, resourceful in their ways and arguably some of the fiercest warriors to walk the american continent. Of all of these great Qualities our main focus is resourcefulness of these people. They took a land that most would call a wasteland with little water and resource and survived, more than that they thrived. they were nomadic and hunted and gathered for food, water and weapons. With the tragic relocation of these tribes the ways of the land have been lost to history, but not forgotten .

comanche warrior
comanche warrior | Source

Oasis For The Natural Builders

For all of you natural builders Northern Texas is a variable smorgasbord of untapped beauty! The majority of the land in the panhandle is rural meaning laxed building codes. The soil east of Amarillo is suitable for adobe building. Sand is scarce in the soil serving a dual purpose Building and Agriculture. Almost anywhere in the panhandle (with proper irrigation and care) plants will grow. Specifically corn, watermelon, pumpkins, gourds, sunflowers, and peppers. Definitely a place to consider when shopping for off the grid land.

Sustainable Earthdome

completely sustainable and beautifull! A man built these two with very little tools and by himself
completely sustainable and beautifull! A man built these two with very little tools and by himself | Source

Modern living

Enough history! So we know its possible to thrive on the land with a nomadic lifestyle. I would say that safely puts us away from being called a wasteland! Lets take a look at permanent "modern living"(living in a traditional house paying water, electricity, etc). Your average land prices here are higher than average due to the consistent economy. People from all over the world move to Texas for work and school, not to mention a superior school system. In reference to the economy it is a big booming OASIS! the economy in northern Texas did not see much effect from the 2007 recession. Most people saw no effect on their day to day life.

For Some A Dream Come True, For Others Not So Much

a traditional stud built home
a traditional stud built home | Source

A Few Views

beautiful canadian river great place to take off road vehicles
beautiful canadian river great place to take off road vehicles | Source

Ground Water and Rainfall

Here is were it can start to look like a wasteland. Average Annual rainfall in Northern Texas is 32 inches and the average snowfall is 15 to 30 inches (it does snow in Texas!). So no luck gathering rainwater for consumption and agriculture whats a person to do? Drill a well! Lets face it if everyone drank from the river land would become congested and many wouldn't make it. The groundwater by recent state survey is on average 244.26 feet deep so you will either need to pay for someone to drill and install a pump or invest in some seriously expensive equipment! We all need water it is a vital life source so it should be at the top of our list.

This is The Place

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Paradise or a Starving Land?

While the land is by no means starving and the economy is a feat of hard work, and agriculture combined with a modern workforce. The lack of readily and easily available water and extreme heat and cold (down to -15 degrees in the winter and 108 degrees in the summer) makes this a split decision Economy and Agriculture an OASIS water conservation and collecting WASTELAND Questions? Comments?

Things to Consider

things to pack
things to look for
places to go
sweeping plains
the canadian river
a positive attitude
the second largest canyon in the world
palo duro canyon and lake
organic food
the ocasional rare wildlife
any rural area
A small taste of the beauty of northern texas and its drawbacks be prepared for both!

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