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Not Knowing What You're Doing With Your Life

Updated on February 24, 2016

Get Out There!

I, personally, have been off work for nearly three weeks, sitting on my bed throwing out resumes online and looking for anything, something to grab my attention. And I'm getting tired of it.

I graduated High School last year and I ended up going back to upgrade two courses because I had no clue what I was going to do and I just moved to the province(Alberta). I had plans earlier this month to go to Seattle, WA but I realized that my passport expired! I lost hope then, that maybe traveling wasn't an option at the moment.

Little did I know, that's not the case. If you have the desire to do something, anything instead of moping around in your pajamas on days end, watching movies over and over until you feel like crap, then you can do anything. Honest. If you're like me that is.

I got so restless, to the point where I couldn't sleep without even thinking about jobs and doing SOMETHING instead of my routine I got in the habit of. I knew then that I had to make a change, even if it were small.

I changed the genre of music I usually listened to from sad, lost feeling tunes to upbeat, rap and R&B music. I even started working out more, going for random walks/ runs down the street to clear my head and start making game plans about what I can do. Did you catch that? I thought about what I CAN DO, not what I CAN'T do. Gotta stay positive, to gain the positive.

Spontaneous Trip

Think of it, and do it!

Ever got a crazy, weird idea pop in your head? I know I have, numerous times. But I've never really gone through with most of them.

That's gotta stop. Honestly, if you want to go climb that roof? Do it. If you want to go visit that friend you miss in Vancouver? Do it.

It sounds easy, but I know for a fact everyone reading this would be thinking "money". Yeah, it's a factor, huge if you have distance to travel to do the things you want to do, but there are ways around that. Hell, I've had all of $200, even less, and I've managed. You guys can too!

There's buses you can catch, trains, carpooling, different ways to get around it. Greyhound buses are a god-sent in my opinion. They may not be the most comfortable, luxurious ride out there but it gets you from point A to B, on low costs.

Short Trip out to the Mountains (BC, AB)

What about you!?

How many people out there have the urge to do something insane, memorial and fun?

See results

Benefits of being "Spontaneous"

Being spontaneous is full of adrenaline, worries, excitement and mystery. All kinds of emotions mixed together where you don't really know what, in fact, you're feeling in a particular moment. I absolutely love it.

Back to the "money" situation. Looking up at the map that shows Banff National Park will probably rub you the wrong way. Don't let it!

I've been there throughout the past winter and fall with a few close friends of mine and most of our random trips out there we spent less than $50! You don't NEED to buy anything to have fun, you just need an open mind, snacks (if it's just a day trip) and friends who you have good times with on a regular basis doing nothing back at home.

Hiking, picnics, swimming, snowshoeing are all options that you don't have to pay much for. And the memories that come with them? So worth it. You just gotta go with what you have, and pretend you're a survivor. (Hahaha) That thought always works with me.And plus, just the thought of "being a survivor" out in the open gives you so much adrenaline and excitement it reminds you of when you were younger playing games with your siblings and friends outside. It's so much fun. Just be smart about it.

Now the benefits of just 'going with it":

~You become a well-rounded person

~You become adaptable to your surroundings and the way to do things in certain places

~You think "outside of the box"

~You feel more alive than you did sitting on your couch In your pajamas Eating junk food. Haha

~You learn more about yourself and what you're capable of

~Your self esteem rises

~You create better bonds with your friends, family and people around you.

~You MEET people. (Creates contacts if you ever go to a certain place again)

~You prove to yourself that you can, in face, manage things on your own. (Without your parents, that is haha Unless you go solo. I encourage that as well, being independent is always good.)

~You think of better ways to take care of yourself

Those are just a few benefits from the top of my head.

Things You Would Need

Water Bottle(s)
A hat
Phone with a portable charger
Snacks (Healthy/ Sugary)
Dress to the environment you're headed to
Paper maps
Winter coat/ Rain coat
Medical Kit
A book
If there's anything else that I didn't write down, add it to your list. Please. I don't know who all out there needs specific medications or such. Always plan safe.

Money, Money, Money...

When you want to do more than just a day trip, hotels can be quite expensive, and you don't have family members EVERYWHERE you head to to crash at. Therefore, you've gotta come up with other ways to get around that.

That's when hostels and couch surfing become your best friends. Hostels, so cheap compared to normal hotels, and are actually a safe, convenient alternative that's full of experiences. You normally share a room with 4-8 people since single rooms are way more expensive (close to hotels) so you meet people who are traveling as well. Who knows, maybe you'll become friends, travel to another place together and create memories for years to come. You know, moments you can't really obtain through a computer screen.

It's so satisfying when you meet other travelers honestly. You feel not so alone anymore, and you learn about other people. I've only done it once but I have future plans of going to some more. Plus, when you go to these hostels you usually have free WiFi access, free roaming in/ out of the building (you get room keys of course), and breakfast. It's appealing, and you're able to keep in touch with family back home without paying more for data and such. To know more about hostels, there's a link at the bottom of the page.

Couch surfing also is full of experiences. You have to be more careful and alert through this alternative but it's a way to crash at a host's house for free if money is a huge issue. There also is a link to joining "Couch Surfing" at the bottom of the page.

I can go into so much detail with my own experiences using these alternatives, including what to do / not do do but I think I'll just create another page about them.

Canmore Hostel

Feeling Ready!?

Looking through this, I hope I've inspired some people to get up and get out there. Life is way too short to be stuck in one place, thinking, drowning in options whether it's what am I going to go to school for or I need to find a job.

Personally, I believe it's so much more beneficial to learn about yourself before anything else because how DO you know that's what you WANT to go to school for? How do YOU know that's the position in a job you'd most likely want? You don't. Plain and simple.

And again, if you're worried about money, you don't have the necessary funds to get out and do something, no matter how small it is, keep an open mind. I will also include links to ways you can travel father destinations and for longer periods of time with little.

It's never too late to get up and to get out there. It's about going with it and being spontaneous after all. So never think otherwise.

Have hope. Stay safe. Have fun. Live.

Glimpse into Adventures

Document Your Own As Well To Look Back On :)


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