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Note on travelling

Updated on September 12, 2010

Man has always been shifting from one place to another - either for exploring new places or for settling down on better places in respect climate and living conditions. Those who take up traveling for pleasure or to quench their thirst for new knowledge can be termed as tourists. This group does not travel around for economic reasons. Have you been categorized in one of these people A third group is those who visit places of religious importance like Vatican and others. The number of people who visit religious importance is swelling up every year. The hardcore among them visits the same spot or shine every year.

From the ancient times traveling to far off places was very much existing and popular. When the travel bug bites you, pack your goods and travel. There were good reasons to travel then. Travels of Columbus and others will be familiar with you. Because of these travels hitherto unknown and not chartered were discovered and provided new sources of revenue for the conquerors. 

One of the examples is the sub continent of India which was discovered by Vasco de Gama led to British landing in India and making it one of its colonies. It also brought to the inhabitants untold miseries and slavery for decades and empty treasuries. The world history is full of such instances.

But traveling wide and afar has its good sides also. You come into contact with different type of people with a different culture and manners. Besides having the opportunity to learn about the inhabitants this can also lead to establishing new friendship links.

I would like to caution the prospective tourist about certain things which will make his trip a pleasure. Earlier the travel was done either by walking or on animal carts. These have paved the way for air travel which can reach you in few hours. With the advance of electronic and telecommunication science, you can lay your hands about all the information you want in a matter of hours. You should do well check up on the climatic conditions and other living conditions of the native population which can save your few troubles on the side. A thorough knowledge of the local currency and where you can change your currency to the local one without any fear of cheating is a must. Authorized money changers like American Express are the best bet. I find drinking water is a quite a problem with the tourists. The type of water available locally may be a tough challenge for the European stomach. A visit to your doctor before starting the trip and carry along with you SOS medicines and having preventive shots will be quite prudent. Register with your local consulate or embassy as soon as you reach your destination. This way, your Consulate will be able to help you.

Do you have full information about the places you are going to visit? Are they accredited places cleared by your Consulates or IAA or any such entities. Normally all the famous tourist sites are cleared. It is only places where full information about the site and its authenticity are not available are to be avoided. Do not trust hear-says. I am sure you are taking all these precautions and wish you a Happy Journey


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