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Nothing to Write Home About

Updated on June 5, 2016

La Quinta Midtown Atlanta

I decided to write a hotel review for this Hub. I was in awe about how this hotel disappointedly compared to other La Quintas where I have stayed. I don't understand why TripAdvisor gave this place 4.5 stars. It's more like a 3 star rating. I have stayed at many La Quinta hotels before, so this in not my first merry-go-round. Compared to the other La Quinta hotels, this place is a dump. I will tell you why. At first glance and I do mean very first glance, from the parking lot, the hotel reminded me of a hospital when the electrical doors opened up and I walked in. Then I looked round the lobby and I personally was NOT impressed; for me it was simply "okay". Once checked in, my family and I went up stairs to our room. The elevator creaked as it slowly moved up the shaft. When we got off the elevator and started walking down the halls I noticed how dirty the carpets are and the paint and wall paper was peeling off the walls and parts of the walls are dented in. We got to our rooms and opened the door, and the room that we had was big and spacious which was probably the most pleasant part of this hotel stay but the furniture was dirty, like they got it from a second hand store or something. I just figured since the furniture was outdated it had normal wear and tear on it. I took a shower that night and the showers are cracked and the water takes a while to heat up. Then I got up and went down stairs for their "free" breakfast. Needless to say, it was horrible. They basically had a dieters nightmare for breakfast. Carbs, carbs, carbs everywhere. They had just about every food from the grain food group that you can think of: three different types of muffins, two different types of bagels, white toast, three different types of cereals, oatmeal and waffles. They also had some ice cold hard boiled eggs (the guests are not allowed to microwave it) they had two different fruits, coffee water and juice. Honestly I didn't expect a grand buffet but I have been to three-star hotels where their free breakfast consisted of actual hot foods like pre-cooked scrambled eggs, some breakfast meats and etc. So I managed to eat a little bit just to put something in my stomach because I had a busy day of sightseeing at the Georgia Aquarium. I went back to my room with my family to get dressed and my aunt told me that we were out of towels because she needed to shower. I went to ask housekeeping for towels and she said they were out at the moment but they are working on it. I was at this point outraged because for one, she had an attitude and made me feel as if I was asking for too much, in fact, every employee that I interacted with had a dry and sour attitude like the didn't want to be there or they acted like I was bothering them. Secondly, this is a busy hotel in midtown Atlanta, they should ALWAYS have fresh towels. My aunt had to use an old towel that she was using before. I tried calling downstairs to the front desk and the phone barely worked. It kept going in and out with a static feedback. While at the Georgia Aquarium I got major bubble guts from the breakfast I had earlier and had to go relieve myself, if you know what I mean. Then we made it back to this crappy hotel for our final night. For the life of me I couldn't understand why they charged $120 per night(with taxes). The only amenities they had was a fitness room but the equipment looked outdated or donated. They didn't even have a pool. I just figured since its in the heart of downtown and we were only 15 minutes from the Georgia Aquarium and other great attractions, the company charges for convenience. I figured that this hotel is a little older and probably just needs and update. On the second and final day, we just wanted to get out of there so we didn't eat the disgusting free breakfast, we checked out and went to the IHOP. Overall I give this hotel 3 stars, and that was being nice the best part about the hotel were the room we were in. It was a king sized bed with a sofa sleeper. The beds were very comfortable to sleep in and the AC cooled the room quite nicely. I given a choice I would not stay that this particular La Quinta again.

La Quinta Midtown Atl

A marker2535 Chantilly Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30324 -
2535 Chantilly Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, USA
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