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Nottingham Trivia Questions

Updated on October 19, 2014

Nottingham - Questions and Answers

A page with general knowledge questions about the city of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, England.


1. Nottingham Contemporary, a major new Art Gallery, opened on November 14th 2009 with an exhibition of early works by which Artist?

2. During which war was Nottingham Castle razed to prevent it's use?

3. The Ducal Palace that was built to replace Nottingham Castle was set on fire by Residents of Nottingham in protest against the Duke of Newcastle's opposition to what?

4. What is the Motto of Nottingham?

5. Nottingham is situated on which River?

6. Nottingham had the first Children's Library. When did it open?

7. Which Bell hangs below the dome of Nottingham’s Council House clock, and is the deepest toned bell in Britain and weighs 10.5 tonnes?

8. On top of the Council building in Market Square, four statues stand, representing Commerce, Civic Law, Prosperity and what?

9. Nottingham is twinned with which German town?

10. William Booth was born in Nottingham in 1829. What did he found?

11. The National Ice Centre in Nottingham is home to which Ice Hockey Team?

12. Nottingham had the first two miles of wooden rail tracks in 1604. What were they connecting?

13. Who was the first football player to make 1,000 League appearances, including 202 with Nottingham Forest?

14. Roughly how old is the Goose Fair, which happens in Nottingham every October?

15. Games Workshop has it's headquarters in Nottingham. What is it's best known magazine?

16. Who was George Africanus (1763–1834)?

17. Where did George Green, the mathematician and physicist famously live?

18. What has been housed in Bromley House on Angel Row since 1822?

19. Who ordered that Nottingham Castle should be built?

20. Will Scarlet was played by who in the 1991 "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" film?

Britain's Best Breaks ~ Nottingham - From March 2007

"Welcome to Robin Hood Country. Historic Nottingham -- the Queen of The Midlands, the vibrant city of tomorrow with a fabulous past. Details at or watch the full programme at (more)"


1. David Hockney

2. English Civil War

3. The Reform Act.

4. Vivit Post Funera Virtus / Virtue Outlives Death

5. Trent

6. 1882

7. The Little John Bell

8. Knowledge

9. Kahlsruhe

10. The Salvation Army.

11. The Nottingham Panthers

12. Coal mines (in Strelley and Wollaton)

13. Peter Shilton

14. It's over 720 years old.

15. White Drawf

16. He is recognised as Nottingham's first black entrepreneur.

17. Green's Windmill, Sneinton

18. The Nottingham Subscription Library.

19. William the Conqueror

20. Christian Slater

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