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Nuestra Señora La Paz, Bolivian capital

Updated on August 9, 2013

The real center of the cultural, commercial and political life in Bolivia is the city of La Paz. Its uniqueness begins with geography - is the highest capital in the world, the center of the city lies at an altitude of 3650 meters above sea level. Some say it is impossible to get used to the altitude, some footballers have gone so far to decline invitations to play as all of Bolivian football stadium are located high in the mountains. As for me, I love height and assure you -once you are in La Paz you get used to the altitude very fast.

Founded in the mid-16th century, the city still retains a historical flavor. The centuries-old Spanish colonization was reflected in the layout of the strict lines of streets and buildings built in the colonial style. These buildings have survived until now.


The "old" La Paz is famous for Murillo Square, and the Presidential Palace located in the center. Architectural monuments of the 18th century are the palace of Villaverde and 3-storey palace of Diez de Medina, surrounded by stately homes - causing constant interest of travelers. The old city is the same old cathedrals and churches built in the 17-18 centuries.

Those who like history and culture will surely appreciate museums of Bolivian capital, among which stands Kostumbrista Juan de Varga, representing a large collection of dolls wearing national costumes.

And in order to better understand Bolivia you have to walk through the streets of La Paz.

You will find interesting and sometimes very weird mascots lying on the market tables. These mascots have a special meaning: battleship figure saves from thieves, love amulet can help you find a marriage partner, the mascot in the form of hugs couples improves sex life, and dried frogs will bring a lot of money.

The most important thing in Bolivia is to believe everything you see and when you do you will feel its magic.

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