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Cruising the 7 Oceans of the World

Updated on August 12, 2013

Cruise Ships sailing the oceans

A Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
A Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship | Source


Seven Seas and the Oceans of the World

9 Years on the 7 Seas
9 Years on the 7 Seas

This book was a bestseller in Norway, it is about a Norwegian, Canadian couple who put there dream into place with this adventure of sailing the seven seas.


Cruising the 7 Oceans of the World

One great thing about working on cruise ships is that you get to see the many oceans of the world. From the lovely Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific and have course the North Sea. At the end of the day they can be like glass or pretty stormy, I always remember the eastern Mediterranean in the winter months what a stormy sea. Another time we were on our way to my hometown of Cape Town and we had left Durban what a rollercoaster ride that was to get there. But it can be stormy wherever you are whether you are going through a hurricane or running away from a hurricane or storm. The ships nowadays have all this amazing technology to avoid all this stormy weather but of course sometimes it is unavoidable.

Nothing is more beautiful than sailing in the fjords in Norway, the sea like glass, with the little houses perched against the sides of the fjord so remote you wonder what these people do in the winter months and how they get there supplies or even manage to survive but I guess if this is your normal life you don’t know any different then it is probably c’est la vie. I did Norway many a times and got to love this beautiful country, I even got to do all the way up north to Svalbard or Spitzbergen as the French call it, my first time was on a French Cruise Ship the Mermoz we called in at this remote place in the Arctic, we even sailed along what they call ice beaches in French it was Banquises or something like that, my memory is a bit foggy. With all the sea life and bird life as you sail along, we even landed at Magdalena Bay, I walked all the way to the Glacier, it was a right slippery sludgy walk at time, you had to dodge the birds nests otherwise these huge birds would dive down and almost attack you to protect there nests. Another time I went there years later and we went on one of the smaller boats right up to the glacier in the icy cold water, when I got back to the ship I had a hot shower I could not feel my toes or fingers I guess its like when you get frostbite, I could almost not even tell if the water was hot, it could have been scalding.

The Mediterranean is stunning as well sailing along and you see dolphins playing and having fun in the ocean enjoying the sun and sea. If we all had the same carefree attitude life would be perfect none of this stress we would just all g with the flow, maybe we need to take 5 and look at how animals do things.

Oceans of the World

oceans of the world
oceans of the world | Source

World's Largest Cruise Ship

Seven Seas

You will probably have heart the expression "sail the seven seas", well it can either refer to a set of the seven seas or an expression referring to all the oceans in the world. There are over 100 bodies of water called seas.

Seven Seas in 9th century on the way to China in brackets below

the Persian Gulf (Sea of Fars)

the Gulf of Khambhat (Sea of Larwi)

the Bay of Bengal (Sea of Harkand)

the Strait of Malacca (Sea of Kalah)

the Singapore Strait (Sea of Salahit)

the Gulf of Thailand (Sea of Kardani)

the South China Sea (Sea of Sanji)

Roman time the network of navigable mouths of the Po River on the Adriatic shore was cooled "Seven Seas". A Roman author Pliny the Elder talks about the lagoons divided by sandbanks from the open sea.

The Adriatic Sea gets it name from all the rivers and trenches made by Etruscans letting the river flow to the Atriani which was called the Seven Seas, the Atriatic, now named the Adriatic Sea which lies between Greece, Croatia & Serbia and Italy.

In Venice it was an expression used "to sail the seven seas" to express a persons nautical skills, the Venetians used it way before they even sailed the various oceans of the world.

Comments on the oceans of the world.

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    • roc6 profile image

      roc6 6 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Thanks Movie Master, you will love the Norwegian fjords.

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi roc6, thanks for the taste of your life at sea! I have always wanted to do a cruise in the fjords of Norway, it sounds beautiful, I agree a carefree attitude would be a lot healthier:-) thanks for a great hub.