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Off the Grid in Socorro New Mexico

Updated on August 13, 2016

Off The Grid in New Mexico

New Mexico has once again become a mecca for sustainable building. The soil hosts a perfect mixture for building adobe and earth bag homes, but as many off you know it takes much more than that to make a place ideal for off the grid living. Socorro county in in the high desert of new mexico, in the rio grand valley. For some of you that is enough to make it a big fat No! for your off the grid homestead. For those of you that know their way around a desert lets take a look at the facts.

Beautiful Views

An adobe home south of the manzazo mountains in Socorro county
An adobe home south of the manzazo mountains in Socorro county | Source

Rio Grande Estates

This is where the cheap land is in New Mexico. Large realistate companies buy up huge parcels of land and create.......are you ready for it?A Subdivision. That word can seem like nails on a chalkboard to a homesteader due to covenant fees, restrictions, and private land use codes. Fear not! this subdivision is one of the few that has none of the above! No covenant fees, NO NOTHING! Because of its location and lack of water the land has become somewhat of a nuisance for its land flippers, so they let it go for under $1000! For its price the land is a deal breaker. You can get one acre of land clean and free for about $800 dollars, but if the price isn't the end of line for you then this next part will leave you thinking. There is no code enforcement in Socorro county, which makes it one of the only counties in RGE to allow sustainable practice. Of course The state of New Mexico says different , but when will you ever see a state inspector that far off the beaten path?

Rio Grande Estates

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The Good is Inevitably Followed by the Bad

Now the reality of it, yes the land is cheap, yes there is little enforcement of building codes, but whats the catch? No matter what there is always a catch the only difference is hear it now? or live it later? When you live in the RGE you have to haul your own water in, for everything you use. There is however a water truck service in the area. That means having to purchase a water storage tank big enough for your families needs. I don't need to tell you that it can get pricey quick. There is very little rainfall in this area and the only river close by is the Rio Grande, not to mention it gets extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

As i promised desert!

This is a picture of the cround in the Rio Grande Estates in Socorro County Nm
This is a picture of the cround in the Rio Grande Estates in Socorro County Nm | Source

Crime Rate

No Matter who you are crime rate matters at least a litttle to you, We all want to feel secure when we go to bed at night so that we may dream and rest peacefully. That might be a bit of a problem in Socorro. With a much higher than average property theft rate you might think twice about buying some land and parking your R.V. While the theft rate is through the roof, the violent crime rate is below average, so you might be safe but your stuff isnt. The realestate agent I spoke with advised against my wife and i from building a seasonal home! she said alot of breakins occur in the RGE.

Breaking and entering

It can happen
It can happen | Source

Lets Sum It Up

The land in Socorro county might be great for someone else but for this writer it is a big NO! the lack of water makes you have to rely on a supply chain to survive. Not to metion the fact that having a seasonal residence there would put you at a huge risk of your stuff being gone when you return. Many people have called it the biggest land scam of our century and i have to agree.

A Small Footnote

Valencia county borders Socorro county and has a ton of ridiculous laws and regulations when it comes to building sustainable. Laws that they do enforce, 'If you build it they will come.....and knock it down".

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