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Oh Canada

Updated on July 16, 2010

A journey through a mosaic called Canada

This summer we took five weeks and drove west to visit my wife’s parents and other relatives in Manitoba and my parents in Saskatchewan.

We saw some very interesting things, met some awesome people and learned to love this country even more.

I have travelled the world in my 42 years on this planet and I can say with all honesty this country is the best. I think that sometimes we forget how good we have it; it is not until guests from other countries tell us of the freedom they feel and the beauty they see as they travel through our provinces and territories that our eyes are opened to the greatness of our nation.

We have the greatest democracy in the world, we fought for it with every ounce of courage and love for this country to get the freedoms that our ancestors longed for and believed in.

We mustn’t forget that Canada has become the world’s model for democracy that other countries are looking at so that they can shape their country into a truly democratically free nation as we have here.

We also have the best countryside, everything from mountains to prairies; Oceans to forests; desserts to the Arctic Tundra to name only a fraction of the greatness of this land. The best way to learn and appreciate all that we have is to travel it by car with a receptive heart and an open mind.

Our first stop was at a campground in New Liskeard called Edgewater which is on beautiful LakeTemiskaming. From there we went to Twin Lakes Camp in a small but interesting town called Moonbeam which got its name from the early settlers who used to see flashing lights falling from the night sky. You will see a flying saucer which is near its entrance, a truly interesting tourist attraction. We spent a few hours hiking along its 32 KM of trails and around its two man-made lakes.

When we left Moonbeam we made our way to Portage La Prairie Manitoba, it was evening so instead of going to Rhonda’s relatives we spent a night in a motel in town.

The next morning we drove to their house; we were greeted by her parents and by relatives we never met before. During our time there, we learned a lot about Rhonda’s Métis ancestry. The Métis are a true symbol of unity; European and Aboriginal coming together; a proud people with an extensive and strong history in building this country.

We spent a week with them laughing and learning, we were welcomed in by her family and felt as if we have known them an eternity, isn’t that what non judgemental true acceptance is all about?

From Portage we drove to see my parents in Melville Saskatchewan. This is a small town which once was a busy place as the Grand Trunk Railway went through it. The town was named after Charles Melville Hayes who was the president of the Grand Trunk; he was also a passenger on the Titanic and drowned when it sunk around 2:20AM on April 15, 1912.

While in Saskatchewan we saw Oceans of Blue Alfalfa in full bloom and Golden fields of Canola. My parent took us to the railway museum and the heritage museum in Melville, then to the RCMP Heritage Centre and the Science Centre in Regina. We learned of the proud history of the world’s finest Police force from its early beginnings when they fought off and beat the American whisky smugglers to the way they lead the world in the field of forensic science today.

I can’t write everything about our five week journey through parts of this great Nation, but the one thing I want readers to remember is how fortunate we all are to live in the greatest country in the world and to take the initiative to learn about its history from the early beginnings to the present, of how we have become a mosaic of different races, religions and beliefs. We are not a melting pot that places all people into the same mould but a mosaic of differences which make up one large and beautiful montage called Canada.

Thomas H Czech


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    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      This is a lovely tribute to Canada! Thank you for posting it.