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Oh, Vienna! - What To Do When Visiting Vienna

Updated on December 30, 2014

Vienna is both the largest and the capital city of Austria. While it is more popularly known as the City of Music, because of it's operatic heritage, Vienna is also called the City of Dreams as the famous psycho analyst Sigmund Freud was born and raised.

Uniquely, Vienna's city centre itself has been named as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Must See's!

  • Belvedere Palace

Prince Eugene of Savoy built Belvedere as a summer residence for himself. The gardens are beautiful, complete with statues and fountains, fruit trees, and inside the palace is where the Austrian Gallery Museum can be found.

  • Schönbrunn Palace

Another UNESCO site, Schönbrunn Palace is the most popular attraction in Vienna. The grounds are home to the palace itself, fountains, statues, parks, and the oldest zoo in the world!

  • Opera House (Staatsopera)

Opened in 1869, the Opera House is no doubt the most iconic landmark in Vienna.

  • Hofburg Court Palace

Usually flooded with tourists, Hofburg consists of a chapel, library, church, royal apartments, numerous museums, the treasury, and the Winter Riding School.

  • Hundertwasserhaus

Hundertwasserhaus is an apartment hidden deep in Vienna where the roof is covered in grasses and bushes, and the balcony holds huge trees. Inside this wonderful apartment pays homage to the natural world with it's unique furniture and living design.

  • The Imperial Court Theater (Burgtheater)

Burgtheater is the Austrian National Theater in Vienna and is one of the most important theaters today in German culture.

  • Museum of Art History

This museum is one of the oldest art museums in the world. It is home to famous masterpieces, including those of Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Giorgione and many more.

  • Church of St. Charles

This church was built for the Holy Emperor, St. Charles VI, it is simply beautiful and it is definitely worth a visit.

  • The Museum Quarter

Self explanatory, the museum quarter is a complex of museums, shops and cafes.

  • Butterfly House

Located across from the Opera building, the Butterfly House is home to many free-flying tropical butterflies in a natural rainforest environment.

  • St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom)

The most important religious building in the whole of Vienna, and seat to the Archbishop, St. Stephen's Cathedral was built on the remains of two older churches.

  • Town Hall (Rathaus)

The most magnificent building, especially by night, that Vienna has to offer, the Town Hall is the seat of the City Council. Rathausplatz (the square) is across from Burgtheater, and there are statues, a park and then in Winter there is the famous Christmas Market. Filled with hundreds of stalls and people, it really does make a beautful scene.


So as you can see, Vienna is a magical place with a lot to offer. From operas and museums to giant ferris wheels and a zoo, there's something there for everybody. Those are only a handful of the attractions that you can visit during your time in Vienna, and I can guarantee there won't be an ounce of regret!


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