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Oil Company and North Dakota Hide Oil Spill

Updated on October 20, 2013
The crime scene
The crime scene

Officials in the state of North Dakota are mum about why it took them almost two weeks to tell the public about the massive 20,000 barrels of crude oil spill from the Tesoro pipeline. The black gold spewed all over for days in an remote area of the state, which I guess, it the ONLY good news the story has.

Both the state and Tesoro adamantly insist that no harm has come to the environment, wildlife or water. Well, how many times have we been down this road? This complicity always happens when the state gets large revenues from taxes etc., from the oil companies and North Dakota shale and strip mining operations are booming attracting so many unemployed Americans that even the minimum wage at McDonalds there is around $15.

Money has always talked and it is no different here.

The discovery of the oil spill came from a wheat farmer who discovered his tires were coated with crude in a remote area. He looked around and found oil spewing and gurgling from the ground like a witch's brew.The state agency was informed and did nothing because they felt the spill was minor and only 750 barrels-ONLY? Even afterwards when it was determined it covered nearly eight acres of land, the state remained silent for 11 days. They would've kept quiet longer had not an AP reporter caught wind of it and asked questions!

Is this a scene out of a movie? Watergate comes to mind. Apparently, even high state officials, like its Governor was not told about it until a week later.

Being that North Dakota is the #2 oil producer in the USA, oil companies only have to report oil spills to the state agencies. State agencies do not have to report to the public in North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas or Alaska.

The North Dakota spill is the largest in US history.


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