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Spring River Overlook at Eufaula Dam, Oklahoma

Updated on July 21, 2018
JoannaBlackburn profile image

Joanna Blackburn loves exploring Oklahoma hidden treasures. With each hiking trip, she discovers the wonder of nature.

Hiking Through Spring River Overlook at Eufaula Dam, Oklahoma


Spring River Scenic Overlook

Across from the Canadian River Valley is Spring Creek Scenic Overlook. From there you see Eufaula Lake stretching northward for endless miles. I searched online and in pamphlets trying to find a more accurate map of the area, but was not able to find one.

It really isn't hard to find once you get to the Eufaula dam, that is if you follow the roads. Me I ran into it my accident, so giving directions is a little more challenging.

How to find it

The Beginning of my Hike

The day was cool and breezy as I started my climb up the hill on the side of Highway 71 on the west side of the dam. The steepness and the loose rocks made this an exciting climb. I sled down a couple of times, but then I got my foot hold and made it to the top by using the tree branches to pull me up. Be careful some of those branches break pretty easy.

Sure there were easier ways of getting there, but not as fun. This day I was in search of plant life and proof of animal life. I found beautiful Mother Earth untouched in areas by any man.

Just a Quick note before I continue

The closest town is many miles away. So if there is anything you need, there is a little country store about a mile up the road on Highway 71. I found it by accident. I was able to get something to eat and drink, and how to get back to where my husband was. Yea, I didn't find it my following the road.

Hiking where there are no trails, can sometimes get you lost. So make sure you carry a phone or a walkie talkie with you, in case of emergency.


The Wooded Area

The woods I wondered through was surrounded by roads and picnic areas, so for those who want to see the area without dealing with snakes, spiders and other creatures can. This is a nice place for a family picnic.

But I love exploring where there are no trails so I had to travel onward in search of challenging hike.

I'm glad I had my camera, here are some of the treasures I took pictures of and missed during my hiking trip. The trail I decided on, really wasn't a trail meant for the public, but I took it anyway.

The Path I Travel


Whose Home is this?

Shortly after I started climbing up what used to be a mountain, I discovered a creature home. I pondered about what animal it could have been. I took the picture and moved on in case it decided to return.

I discovered several animal homes on this hiking trip, but not a one made me want to return to safety. I pushed onward, not sure where I was headed, I just wanted to see this untouched land.

What kind of Mushrooms are these?


I quickly realized there was a gold mine of herbs here, but I wasn't here to collect. That would have to be some other day. I found all kinds of mushrooms and wished I knew which ones were edible because I was getting hungry. After photographing this area, I sat down and enjoyed my lunch.

Wow, Grape Hyacinths


After getting home, I found that there are two kinds of this plant, the edible and the poisonous. I don't know which one this is.

Maybe someday I will decided to forage while I'm out hiking, but for now I will just photograph the world I explore.

Other plant life are hidden among the fallen limbs and rock formations. There was even evidence that once upon a time a stream ran through this area of the woods.

Look What I Found


Signs that animals live there were all around me. Some homes I spotted with no problem and others I spotted after really searching around. The above picture tells so much history about this area. At one time a stream ran through this mountain area. When I see stuff like these, my mind wonders what the area had looked like many years ago.

Marsh Wren Nest


Evidence of Larger Animals

I even found several signs that larger animals walking through this wooded area. Not only where there prints in the dirt, but deer rubbings on the branches.

Deer rubbing


After a couple of hours of wondering through this wooded area I came out into a field. My eyes first landed on some very unusual plants. At least I hadn't seen them before.

After some research, I have been able to identify them. Trying to match pictures with names is not an easy for me. I love writing, not figuring out the internet. So before my next trip, I will invest in some plant guide books, this will save alot of time. What this will mean to you is that my articles won't take as long to come out.

Blooming Cedar Tree

White Foxglove

Across from the field

What a view

I'm hanging off of a tree to take the next couple of pictures. There is a drop off ledge and the dirt was loose so I decided it was better to hang on to something.

Need help

Next three pictures, I need help identifying. Under the picture I put a letter, so when you comment about it you can reference that letter.


With the clouds rolling in, and the temperature dropping I decided to call it a day. I was not prepared for a weather change.

What to put in your Backpack

small first aid kit

zip lock bags




notebook and pen



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    • JoannaBlackburn profile imageAUTHOR

      Joanna Blackburn 

      7 months ago from Inleside On The Bay, Texas

      Thank you, I'm working on a series called Texas Strong. Its the recovery of small business after Hurricane Harvey.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 

      15 months ago from United States

      I enjoyed your article, especially the "picture path."


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