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Oklahoma Adventures: Canadian River Valley [Photos]

Updated on July 4, 2017
JoannaBlackburn profile image

Joanna Blackburn loves traveling and exploring the unknown. Every trip is filled with photos and notes long before she started writing.

What a View


Do you feel adventurous?

Well here is a great spot to go hiking, Young Bend Trail has many obstacles to climb up and over, so willing to climb is a must.

This unique trail has no path, or at least it didn't when I went in 2014. some say that there once was a town on this mountainside, but I didn't find one.

I found one article that had a sentence mentioning a town, but that was all the written proof I could find. On my adventure though I found some proof that a community had existed at one time.


Is this more proof?

What is this?
What is this? | Source

Is this part of a forgotten town?

Either way, this is a great resting spot.
Either way, this is a great resting spot. | Source

Your Turn

So after looking at the pictures, do you think that it is possible that a town or community had been there at one time? Please leave comments about this at the bottom of the page under Tell Me.

Making way for progress?

Another article mentioned a trail through this mountain was used to build the Eufaula Dam, but I found no proof of that. I couldn't even find a possible way they could have gone through the mountain to the dam. When they cut a large path through the mountain to put electric poles was years after the dam was built.

The ups and downs are really fun.
The ups and downs are really fun. | Source

Either way, the view and the adventure are well worth the time. The first clearing I came to gave me a great view of the Canadian River Valley below and it reminded me that only man could destroy such beauty to make way for electric.


South of Lake Eufaula Dam is the Candian River Valley. Take Highway 71 to the west side of the Dam and then follow the map below.

The loop is where you start

Towns Close by




The less traveled path


Smells and sights

The damp earth combined with old fallen leaves gave me a true earthy smell, free from the smell of city life. I took several deep breaths of fresh air and pushed on in my exploration.

On my hike, I found multiple animals homes. I tried to figure out what animals lived there but never seen any, maybe you can help me. If you know what kind of animals like in these homes, please let me know in the comments.

Animal Home 1

What lives here?
What lives here? | Source

Animal Home 2



The most exciting part of hiking through this mountain is climbing out on the edge of a big boulder and looking down for miles and miles before you see the bottom of the forest floor. Okay it just seepms like miles and miles. I just know its a long ways down if I was to fall, and nobody would ever find me in this forest.

Plant Life

Early in the day, these sparkle
Early in the day, these sparkle | Source

What thrives?

Plant Life you might run across during your hike.

Green Briar


Wood Lily

Sheperd's Purse

Lamb Quarter



Onward we go

I took several photos on my trip through this untouched forest, so narrowing it down to these was a new challenge for me. If you would like to see more just let me know.

Almost to the top, I discovered a building, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Center, with a flag blowing in a field.

Getting Lost


Across from this is a small country store. Thank goodness, I had been wondering around for hours and I was hot and exhausted. I sat in the cool air and drank coffee, before heading back down. I had a choice take the road back down or go back through the forest. Guess which I took?

I headed back through the forest and came across a picnic table and a tree with a hat rack nailed to it. I have to say this is different than any hiking trip I had been on before.

Filling your Backpack

Have with You:


bottle water

simple snacks


small blanket

notebook and pen



allergy medicine


You tell me

Enough proof that some community had been there?

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Tell Me

Do you want more articles like this one?

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© 2017 Joanna Blackburn

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