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9/11 Memoirs-7 Years Later

Updated on December 13, 2016

The Day My Heart Cried

I'll never forget this day! The morning was very eerie. Yet, the sky was picture perfect blue but something didn't seem right!

Now that I think about it, there were no birds in the sky that morning. In fact, the usual flock of geese around the Kearney Rec site weren't around on that day either!

I never forgot how strange my dog Shadow acted that morning. She was eerily quiet, kept following me and my daughter around as we got ready for work and for school. She sat at the top of the steps as we left the apartment and she just seemed to linger and stare. It was as if she was deciding if she was going to let us go on with our daily routine or should she make us stay at home. It was just odd the way she was behaving. My daughter and I wondered, "What was that all about?"

For 23 Years

In 1978, my mom moved downtown to the Tribeca area in NYC from East Harlem. For twenty-three years the Twin Towers was thought to be a permanent fixture of that community.

But on the morning of...

But on the morning of September 11, 2001 while I'm on the bus to work, I turned my head and saw the Twin Towers on FIRE! I turned my head and I saw SMOKE! I turned around and thought, "Someone bombed Manhattan! What happened to everybody? What happened to my mom?"

So I got to work, I couldn't call my mom!

Now I'm freaking out!

A co-worker hands me a bible and points out some psalms to read!

I read them over and over and over again! This was the only comforting to do at that moment!

We were let out of work early but the roads from Kearney to Jersey City were blocked!

I spent the next five hours with a co-worker driving around Newark because we couldn't go home.

"It was the longest day of my life."

I finally got to Journal Square and it was pretty much closed off!

I tried to see the Twin Towers....

I tried to see the Twin Towers! They were gone! And I cried! I wanted my BUILDINGS back!

WTC Before And After 9/11 (photos not available)

This is the WTC Plaza as I remembered it! There was often outdoor concerts in the summer featuring various musicians and artists. I was pregnant with my son in the summer of 2001. In the winter, me and a couple of co-workers were planning to go and party at Windows of the World. This event will never happen!


These pictures were taken the day before 9/11 from someone visiting New York from Dallas.

This photo was taken by U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Eric J. Tilford. (RELEASED This photo was taken six days after the terrorist attack.

The damaged sphere originally from the WTC Plaza now resides at Battery Park Memorial.

This picture was taken by someone of smoldering debris at the Ground Zero site. This was my entrace way home via the Path train. I used to browse in Borders. Never, in my worst nightmare, would I imagine something like this happening!

When I Got Home

I found out everyone was okay. However, the NYC harbor was changed forever! The Twin Towers were gone! They were no longer a permanent fixture of the NYC harbor! It felt as someone had actually reach in and pulled my heart out. But,

  • my mom was okay but she had to line-up outside to make phone calls.
  • My sister, Terryl had arrived safely in Los Angeles. She was not on any of the terrorist flights.
  • All immediate family members were okay.
  • many of my friends or acquaintances had mishaps on that day that either caused them to be late for work or never made it to work so they avoided these tragic events which they would have certainly been a part of had they reported to work on that day.

Then the Memories:

I thought about:

  • ...the last time my co-workers and I were laughing and talking as we walked towards the WTC to catch either the Path train or the subway home.
  • ...the familiar faces of those people who worked near or in the WTC who often rode the Path train to New Jersey with me.
  • ...the Polish man with his friends and the black lady who has talking about her family reunion trip in South Carolina. (I, especially, thought about these two people.)
  • Several months later, I saw the black lady again, I saw the Polish man's friends but I never saw him again, ever!


"We Should Not Forget! We Can Not Forget, 9/11!"9/11 Lest We Forget Please view the PowerPoint slide. Please note: all pictures on this lens are provide

John McCain & President Obama (photo not available)

Yesterday when I saw this photo, I wonder a photo opp?

But then I thought this!

This year marks the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Seven years ago this tragedy brought everyone together!

it didn't matter who you were!

it didn't matter what you did!

party affiliation was not important!

All it matter was that we were all hurting; we were all in pain!

We shared a common bond!

We had lost someone or something!

We realized we are all vulnerable to terrorist attacks!


See video available on

Andrea on 9/11 Photo

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      hello i am writing a report and i want to know if i please could get your name and the date you wrote this article if you want you can email me this information to

      this is a school report and as you may know i need your permission to use your article

      thank you

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      8 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Beautifully written about a time that we must not forget.


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