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One Guy's Bucket List

Updated on July 20, 2011

Everyone else seems to have one, here's mine

Before I, you know, here's what I'd like to do - knowing, of course, that it probably won't happen for financial reasons:

1. Do lots and lots of traveling - eat a real hoagie cheese steak in Philadelphia and run the same steps that Sylvester Stallone ran in "Rocky", lead a 7th inning stretch in Chicago's Wrigley Field, see what Red Sox Nation is really all about in Boston, check out a Broadway play in New York City, visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C...

And that's just in America.

2. As for the rest of the world, I'd really like to go on a Beatles pilgrimage in Britain, visit sites like the Cavern Club in Liverpool and cross the same street that John, Paul, George and Ringo crossed on their "Abbey Road" album cover.

And I'd check out a Premier League Football (soccer) game as well, so it wouldn't be only about the Beatles for me.

Other places I'd go abroad would be India for the Taj Mahal, Ghana for the old slave forts off their coast, as I'm African American and some ancestor of mine may have been there a couple of hundred years ago, and South Africa to meet Nelson Mandela.

But it's not just about travel for me. Other things on my list are:

3. Playing with celebrities in a softball game at a Major League Baseball stadium.

4. Participate in one practice with my collegiate alma mater's (UCLA) football, baseball and softball teams.

5. Learn how to play bass guitar.

6. Move to a cabin in the woods by a lake for a month - it just sounds so peaceful.

7. MOST IMPORTANT: Finish my book, "My Aspie Life", about my experiences having Asperger's Syndrome and the struggles I've had - and still have - with that condition. It's not an easy book for me to write, because it involves digging up some traumatic memories of what I've done and how certain people have treated me, but it's a story that I feel must be told, so sooner or later, it will get done.

That's my bucket list in a nutshell. As I've said, about 90% of the things on this list will likely never happen - just being realistic here - but...

Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?


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