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One-Night Stay in a Hotel

Updated on June 22, 2011

If your family becomes a stranger to you, and you are in the city but you don't like to pass the night at your sister's or brother's house, the best thing to do is rent a room in a hotel.

Hotel business in our city (Naga City, Bicol, Philippines) is booming, as tourists from other countries flock the local attractions. Local tourists are in competition to occupy hotel rooms for a night. Most of the 3-star hotels are always full booked as well as the 4-star ones.Hostels and motels are also available for weary travelers.

You can spend $10 dollars for 12 hours. For example, you'll check in around 8 in the evening; the usual check-out will be 12 noon the next day. Your room will be fully air-conditioned, with CR and television set in a cable network. There's also a room service for late night meals. Or if you want a wi-fi area, you can check your e-mails or chat with your friends through your cellular phone, iPad or laptop computer.

Hotel services are being upgraded these days. This is a very good move. I am not afraid to stay at night because I feel secured against the threats from unexpected thief or intruders. The guards are always alert on response to an illegal entry. There's an alarm button that you can press once emergency situation happens.

There are rules to obey once you insert the key to your assigned room for a night. At times, I feel disgusted of previous users who abused the hospitality of one hotel management.

By the way, there are humorous ways to differentiate a hotel from motel, hostels or inn. This, according to some bell boys that I befriended.

  • Hotel is more sophisticated, usually catering for businessmen or wealthy persons that can afford the payment per room occupancy.
  • Motels are usually for lovers.
  • Hostels are more of a dormitory, where one can rent a bed or bunk space.
  • Inn usually serves weary travelers for a night. It can be a tourist inn.
  • Apartels, the other term for cheap hotels.

Don't get me wrong about its meaning, as long as it can provide a decent, clean room with the basic amenities that I am looking for.

Pictures of these reminders are included here to let you know how hotel industry in the country fare.

Photo by Travel Man
Photo by Travel Man
Photo by Travel Man
Photo by Travel Man
Photo by Travel Man
Photo by Travel Man
My valuables (Photo by Travel Man)
My valuables (Photo by Travel Man)

Reasons why people stay in hotels

Staying in a hotel need not be expensive. There are options to choose as front liners spill out the goodness of their hotel.

You can choose the cheapest room or single-bed cabin or the double-bed or matrimonial room without emptying your wallet. Or you can pay with credit card, but beware of identity theft.

Don't worry, you'll be brief by hotel attendant on what's the do's and don'ts at their hotel. Don't forget to leave of give a tip to those hotel personnel who served you diligently.

Meanwhile for the reasons why people give a pass or stay in a hotel:

  1. For business - Most businessmen consider it a home away from home. But of course, they'll have to concentrate in closing a business transaction before anything else.
  2. For pleasure - The major connotation of staying in a hotel is satisfying personal urges with a date or someone you love or your partner.

A mix of both can be your motive on staying in a hotel.

My personal experiences, include:

  • Staying in a hotel for a night while waiting for an international flight the next morning
  • Staying in a hotel due to a whole-day adventure while writing about a local tourist spot
  • Staying in a hotel because I ran out of vehicle to fetch me to my house in nearby town.

Some hotels carry out family functions to attract and exudes wholesome image that will be used for publicity or promotion.

Hotels are also attracting businessmen , not only to stay there but also conduct their major conferences to tackle important matters regarding business atmosphere and economy.

When there are international, national or local competition in sports and other areas, participants are billeted in a particular hotel, offering buffet meals and other amenities that will encourage tourists to come again.

Freebies are also an attraction in a particular hotel. Gifts can be available and souvenir items can be haggled half its original prices.

Photo by Travel Man
Photo by Travel Man

Staying in hotels the whole year round

Some businessmen are always on the go the whole year round. They're away from their families because their jobs call for it. Most of them are men of high stature; some women are also gaining in the field of traveling while doing business transactions.

My former classmate, an intelligent woman, decided to give it a try, as a trainer-trouble shooter in several branches of her job specialization where the main office of her multi-national company required her to do so.

The stipend and other privileges of her job required her to go other countries. Although, away from her family (husband and kids), she busies herself in appreciating the beauty and culture of the country where she is assigned. Her hobbies, now included writing travelogues and photography.

She doesn't want to be confined at the four corners of her office and the dark room of her hotel. International calls and social media help her cope with homesickness. The voices of her kids and husband ease her loneliness.

She reasons out that she'll continue doing her lucrative job while her kids are young. She never spends much because she knows that her job is temporary. Better save her income for the future of her kids.

Local executives and employees are also helpful to make her at ease while staying in a hotel.

She didn't want personal attachment among her peers; but she couldn't help it. There's will always be sad goodbyes as her job will carry her again to another country, the day, the next week or the next month.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Arian Rey: You're right, Arian. They've been promoting less expensive rates for a night or a day or even weeks and months to encourage tourists to stay at the suites of their hotels.

      Hotel industry in Naga City is a booming industry due to the increase of tourist visits each month.

    • Arian Rey profile image

      Arian Rey 6 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas (PHILIPPINES)

      It's good to be out of time and stay in a cozy but cheap hotels. The competition in hotel industry is huge these days that they cannot even accommodate the tourist influx in our country.

      Thanks for sharing your experience inside the local hotel in Naga City.