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One Year on the Road - A Brief Summary

Updated on November 29, 2011

"525,600 minutes"

Five hundred thousand, six hundred minutes as sung in the hit Broadway musical; RENT measures a year in the life of close friends.  A year is a long time.  Yet the past year seems to have flown by.  It is official.  I have been a full time RVer now for one full year…525,600 minutes and just about 5,000 miles!

While friends and neighbors watched as I loaded the motorhome parked in the yard for several months, I fretted over what to take with me and what to sell or give away.  Finally with my past loaded in a few hundred square feet on wheels, I was ready to leave Johns Island near Charleston, SC on November 30th, 2010.

My route started as planned with few if any glitches.  I spent a few days each in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.  I had planned on staying in Texas long enough to become a registered Texan to take advantage of the state’s RV friendly atmosphere along with their lower property taxes.  Turns out I stayed there through the end of the year for a variety of reasons including not receiving my driver’s license in the mail because the post office handling the transfer burned to the ground.  Glitches happen.

Livingston Texas had been much colder than I had imagined.  On the road I learned many RVers head to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas to escape the cold of winter.  I made it as far as Port O’Connor Texas on the Matagorda Bay before finding a great family owned campground.  In the spring, I headed back towards central Texas landing for the first time in Georgetown just north of Austin. 

Picking up parts at a nearby RV center to repair many of the issues I’d found thus far on the Hurricane, I inquired about options to both increase my living space and eliminate my monthly finance payments.  They offered me more for the Hurricane than I had paid for it on a slightly used 37’ Winnebago with more room and amenities.  It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Charlie Brown (Cocker Spaniel) and I had a new home.

After a bout of Pneumonia, we departed Georgetown in the spring – once again headed westward.  Got to see parts of the historical Route 66 and the “Cadillac Ranch.”  We were surprised and thrilled finding Palo Duro Canyon.  We stopped a while near Roswell, NM at the beautiful Bottomless Lakes State Park.  Finally we landed at Desert Haven Animal Rescue in Williamsburg, NM where I had planned on workamping and possibly finding Charlie a roommate.  A few weeks after our most interesting visit, Charlie was attacked and nearly killed.

Dissatisfied with the animal care facilities available, I put our westward trek on hold and returned to Livingston, TX.  We previously had visited and liked a local vet there and I wanted them to look at Charlie and his wounds.  He was given a clean bill of health within a couple of weeks and instead of heading west with the wildfires now enveloping, we headed back towards the more familiar eastern seaboard.  Didn’t make it.  After exploring much of the Cajun countryside, we found another great family-owned park in Bay of St. Louis, MS and decided to stay the summer. 

The need to create income sent us back to Georgetown, TX near Austin because the area was one of the few in the country that could boast an increase in jobs and commerce and the RV Park we had already visited twice was comfortable, friendly and cost-efficient. 

And here we are.  Plans have once again changed as they often seem to do.  Instead of going back into the job market I thought I had retired from, plans are slowly coming together to try yet another entrepreneurial venture online.  Therefore, we now are planning on staying here through the end of the year sorting out the many things we brought along with us and haven’t touched in the last year...525,600…

Some random photos of our journey follow…

Original coach; Hurricane in Woodbine, GA
Original coach; Hurricane in Woodbine, GA | Source
New home with Jeep attached in Southern Louisiana
New home with Jeep attached in Southern Louisiana | Source
Palo Duro Canyon, TX
Palo Duro Canyon, TX | Source
Cadillac Ranch along Route 66, TX
Cadillac Ranch along Route 66, TX | Source
Dairy sign near Williamsburg, NM
Dairy sign near Williamsburg, NM | Source
Scenic shot near Walburg, TX
Scenic shot near Walburg, TX | Source
Bottomless Lakes State Park near Roswell, NM
Bottomless Lakes State Park near Roswell, NM | Source
"Evening Glow" in Vidalia, MS
"Evening Glow" in Vidalia, MS | Source
Bay St. Louis, MS
Bay St. Louis, MS | Source
Matagorda Bay, TX
Matagorda Bay, TX | Source


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    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 5 years ago from South Carolina

      Sounds like quite an adventure and I can see you really know how to roll with the unexpected things that happen on the road.

      Glad to see Charlie is doing okay.

      My husband and I like to travel but have never done so in an RV. Used to own a very small camper that we took on local trips when we lived in New York state and it was fun.

      Voted up and interesting.

    • The RV Guy profile image

      The RV Guy 6 years ago from Somewhere In America

      Thanks for commenting. Gasoline, park rental, food, etc...are all averaged into a monthly budget otherwise some trips wouldn't...couldn't be justified. Additionally, most of the time on the road, I am careful with routes, avoid driving in heavy wind and other stormy conditions and utilize the interstates where feasible to increase my mileage.

      The overall gas consumption for both coach and car in the last year equates to about what an average driver (15,000 miles annually) would consume driving a Ford Explorer, for example in the same period of time.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Congratulations but how do you pay your gasoline bill?


    • wes.thompson profile image

      wes.thompson 6 years ago from Saigon, Vietnam

      Interesting hub, RV Guy. My aunt and uncle have been living this lifestyle for many years, mostly in Colorado and Texas. I wish I were free enough to do something like this. I enjoyed reading this.

    • The RV Guy profile image

      The RV Guy 6 years ago from Somewhere In America

      Thanks for commenting and the kind words. Someday our paths will cross, see you then.

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 6 years ago

      Congratulations on your milestone RV Guy. I admire your sense of adventure and hope to soon be joining you "out on the road". The photos were great thanks for sharing. I too have been giving some thought to developing an online job to earn a little income to finance my new lifestyle. Will share with all in a later hub. Good hub...voted up!