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One of the biggest military bases in america

Updated on October 19, 2012
Soldiers at fort hood.
Soldiers at fort hood.
One of the 500 and odd tanks based at fort hood.
One of the 500 and odd tanks based at fort hood.

Fort hood military base in texas

 Fort hood is the biggest active post in the united states which is capable of holding two full armored divisions. This base is steeped in history going way back to the name of the base of who it was named after (John bell hood) a famous army general in the CIVIL war. The original site was chosen in 1941. Fort hood is now three hundred and forty square miles, big that isnt it, and has the most modern war equipment including over 500 tanks. Population of fort hood is an estimated 71,00 people most of these are soldiers which consist of 42,000 the rest are family and others like volunteers. The cost to keep the base going is in the millions.There is a dentist and hospital on site also. So if you were thinking of which might be the biggest army base in the world then this is it. Very uncomparable to any bases in the united kingdom like CATTERICK which is only small. Thanks for reading.



Fort hood

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