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Opportunities in Brazil

Updated on July 18, 2011

Brazil Map

Brazilian Economy

How is the Brazilian Economy? Is it worth checking it out?

If you are well informed or if you keep you informed by reading newspapers, magazines, watching the news on TV or online, you probably have heard about the Brazilian economy?

Brazilian economy is the largest economy in South America and one of the largest economies of the world.

During the recent world recession, most of the developed nations were deeply affected, if fact, some of those nations, such as the United States are still suffered of the recession impact.

So, why is it worth checking Brazil's current economic condition?

Well, I don't mean to overstate anything here but, allow me to give you a few hints.

1 - The Brazilian economy is one of the largest in the world.

2 - The Brazilian economy is the largest economy in South America

3 - The economy has been growing consistently for over ten years and it is expected to continue to do so for at least another 20 years.

4 - The country is generating over 1.5 million jobs every year.

5 - The country is suffering with a shortage of qualified and skilled professionals.

6 - The country has the best paying executive jobs in the world.

7 - The country's climate is tropical, which means that is nice and warm for most part of the year.

8 - The country is extremely receptive to foreign nationals.

And the list could on and on, but let's stop here, I hope that by now, I've got your attention.

It is true that you would have to learn a new language, which is the Portuguese language but, if you're considering making a turn in your life's path. This could be a great opportunity.


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