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Oregon Coast Part I

Updated on June 19, 2015

My Secret Place

My wife Susan and I are fortunate that we live in Cave Junction, Oregon. It's only about an hour and twenty-minute drive to the coast where we can walk bare-foot on the beach. When I'm having a bad day or a difficult moment, in my mind's eye I return often to the soothing images of the sea.

I recall the roar of the surf as it explodes over ancient, volcanic rock formations that decorate the majestic Oregon coastline. Whitecap waves roll in endlessly and disperse impressively over the sandal-colored beach front.

I invite you to take a deep breath with me and embrace the ocean images that stand before us today.

A pastel-blue sky frames the ocean horizon with an omnipresent sun which feels warm on our skin and face. The sun churns the sea into millions of twinkling, ferry lights. Cloud fingers hover gently over the vast turquoise waters. Gulls and pelicans dive and congregate in mysterious fishing rituals. The ocean air is fresh, cool, and intoxicating.

Let's allow our spirit to dance with these magical visions of inspiration and ocean ecstacy. Such sublime memories give us all permission to acknowledge our inner strengths and creative self.

Let go into the infinite, majestic, pulsating waves. Hear the surf-music playing mighty and heartfelt notes that invigorate the soul. It's almost possible to synchronize our breathing with the peaceful, seductive voice of the sea.

But reality can startle us back to daily living. Yes, we will face life challenges like financial hardships, illness, grief, natural or man-made disasters. In our darkest hour, return to the Oregon coast: a blessing beyond all pain and suffering, a secret hope that life doesn't really end. It simply merges us into the blue, shimmering horizon.

Oregon Coast

The Power of Waves


Breathe in the Infinite


Oregon Coast: Beauty, Serenity, Majesty


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    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 5 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      apStumbo: You're welcome. Here's to the beauty of the Oregon coast! Peace and Light...Gary.

    • apStumbo profile image

      apStumbo 5 years ago

      Nice work qlcoach. Thanks for your comment on my hub about Oregon!