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Oregon celebrates craft cannabis

Updated on August 3, 2016

Effective July 1, 2015, those 21+ could use cannabis for recreational use in the state of Oregon. The laws permit adults to have up to an ounce of cannabis away from home and up to 8 ounces at home. Also, every adult can grow up to four marijuana plants. Then as of October 1, 2015, consumers can purchase up to a quarter ounce of cannabis flower, as well as seeds and immature plants at a licensed cannabis dispensary. On June 2, 2016, Oregon Health Authority expanded these laws to allow for limited recreational sales of some extracts (pre-filled receptacles containing no more than 1000 mg THC), edibles (15mg THC) and non-psychoactive topicals (less than 6% THC).

Summer Fair 2016
Summer Fair 2016 | Source

CO2 Company

One Oregon based cannabis company worth checking out is the CO2 Company. This company manufactures vape pens and organic extracts that ranged from a balanced to 1:1 CBD:THC ratio flower for those seeking the medicinal benefits of CBD without a THC high to a 10:1 ratio for those looking for more of a THC high. These pens are very easy to use. Unlike more elaborate smoking devices all one has to do is screw in one's preferred cartridge and then take a puff from the mouthpiece. The pens are rechargable using a USB adapter, so there's no need to carry around extra batteries. Their extracts have a clean smooth taste sans any smoke, so this product is ideal for those who have an aversion to smoke in any form. Also, as these pens are very discrete, one can smoke without any odor traditionally associated with smoking cannabis.

CO2 Company's offerings on sale at Nectar dispensary in Portland, OR
CO2 Company's offerings on sale at Nectar dispensary in Portland, OR | Source

Mirth Provisions

For those who prefer consuming cannabis infused edibles, Mirth Provisions has 15mg recreational Legal soda available at most dispensaries. Unlike some cannabis infused drinks, these products taste like a refreshing fruity soda with the effects taking place sooner as the liquid goes into the bloodstream more quickly than a solid edible. Many dispensaries offer packets of edibles available in up to 15mg sizes for those desiring a cannabis infused chocolate, hard candy or other treat.

Healing with Topicals

While much of the attention is on the availability of cartridges and limited edibles, as David Alport, owner of Bridge City Collective, notes, the availability of healing topicals like Empower Oil enables a host of people to seek relief from a range of ailments such as arthritis, sports injuries and fibromyalgia. "There are a lot of people that can benefit from these products finally coming to market who don't have the time or the resources to get a medical card."

Bridge City Collective celebrating sale of recreational cannabis on October 1, 2015.
Bridge City Collective celebrating sale of recreational cannabis on October 1, 2015. | Source

Cannabis Festivals, Conferences and Trade Shows

One finds a plethora of cannabis related events and festivals happening throughout the Pacific Northwest. These festivals range from Seattle Hempfest, the undisputed King of Protestivals and the largest cannabis convocation in the world now celebrating its 25th anniversary from August 19 to 21, 2016 to the Oregon Cannabis Association's first annual Summer Fair held on July 24, 2016.

From August 6 to 7, 2016, Indo Expo will feature over 250 companies and bring buyers, industry professionals and the general public together for sourcing, shopping, and networking, as well as educational seminars and demonstrations. Also, the NW Cannabis Classic sponsors events in Alaska, Washington State and Oregon. A full listing of upcoming Oregon cannabis events can be found here. In addition, Kush Tourism features information on cannabis tours, activities, cannabis friendly lodging and other amenities of interest to those traveling to Oregon, Washington State and other regions.

Bill Stewart, Half Baked Labs at Summer Fair 2016
Bill Stewart, Half Baked Labs at Summer Fair 2016 | Source

Global cannabis news

Keep up with the rise of global legalization of cannabis by checking out the work of the International Cannabis Business Conference and the National Cannabis Industry Association.


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