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Orlando Villa

Updated on June 9, 2013

Why Choose an Orlando Villa?

Orlando villas offer a superior option for any family to any hotel near the famous Walt Disney locations. A villa should be seriously considered as it offers many often overlooked advantages over a hotel especially on longer holidays. A villa in Orlando, Florida is often cheaper than the overpriced local hotels, can be rented directly from independent owners and comes with much more space, often as large as a house and many come with private pools too!

More space, more privacy, more freedom and options, cheaper and (in my humble opinion) more fun too - I would question why you would even want to stay in a normal hotel! Villas are also more personal than a boring standardised hotel room.

An orlando villa
An orlando villa | Source

Another Cost Benefit of a Villa

Also, the cost of a villa is dependent on how it`s size, facilities, decoration and not the number of people staying there and the brand name.

Cost - Villas are cheaper

It seems hard to believe that renting a villa which is often a better type of accommodation than a hotel anyway is cheaper. This is based on the fact that you can rent a fantastic villa starting from around $1000/£800 week. Yet this villa can sleep 8 people. Therefore, the cost per person per week is only an incredibly cheap $125/£100 per week.

For two hotel rooms (each with 4 people) at a price of just $120 per night, it works out more expensive than the villa. 120*2=240 240*7= $1680 per week (and most hotels will charge more than this!)

That shows the villa provides incredible value for money when you consider for that price you are getting a much larger floor space, a more private and exciting location and often extra personal features missing from the corporate hotel.

To summarise:

Two hotel rooms (each for 4) at $120 per night = $1680 per week.

A fantastic villa for 8 will cost around $1000 per week.

Independent Orlando Villas

There are many excellent independent Orlando villas available for rental over the Internet on fantastic resorts offering all the facilities you could expect from a hotel such as communal pools, gyms and clubhouses with games rooms. The link above is one example of a lovely independent Orlando villa and offers everything you could want for an amazing Orlando holiday.


Villas offer so much more freedom than a hotel. You can do as you want and have a much larger space to relax in. You can do whatever you want. If you want to to you can just jump in the pool, go to once of the many famous Walt Disney theme parks or visit the Kennedy Space Centre. The choice is yours.

You even have more control over when and what you eat and can also save money by cooking at the villa rather than paying expensive restaurant or hotel prices. The only thing you could possibly miss is maid service!


Any villa will be much bigger than a single hotel room and many villas are really quite large. You have separate bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, a lounge, dining areas and often even private pools and games rooms.

No more waiting for your child/wife/husband to hurry up so you can go to the toilet!

Before You Go!

The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2012 (Unofficial Guides)
The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2012 (Unofficial Guides)

The only guidebook you will need for your Orlando holiday. It will save you time and money! Rated 5 stars!



Overall, a villa is the best type of Orlando accommodation because they are cheaper, offer more freedom, are often independent and are much bigger too! There really is no reason to not book a Florida villa and after reading this article you have no excuse to stay anywhere else.

Thank you for reading and I wish the happiest Orlando vacation!


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    • ns1209 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from UK - England

      What are your thoughts on renting a villa in Orlando instead of a hotel? Would you prefer a villa? Please leave your comments here.


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