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Chambers Bay Golf Course in Washington Hosts Pair of Ospreys Raising a Family

Updated on September 20, 2014

2015 World Masters Golf and Giant Birds

Chambers Bay Golf Course is the site of the 2015 Masters, and every year for many years, a pair of Ospreys mate and raise their offspring within sight of the green.

Osprey Nest on Right Edge of Structure and Chambers Bay Golf Course is in Background


Unique Golf Course with Views of Puget Sound, Narrows Bridge, Steilacoom, and Olympic Mountains

Chambers Bay Golf Course flaunts old structures used when the property was Pioneer Sand and Gravel and Lone Star Gravel. Because of these, the design of the area feels different than any other park or golf course. Chambers Creek Regional Park intertwines with the course via paved hiking trails, however, the course itself is limited to golfers. A saltwater beach and a bridge that extends like a pier over the waves of Chambers Bay complete the intense view!


Facts about Chambers Bay Golf Course and Chambers Creek Regional Park

  • Restaurant

  • Water View

  • Saltwater Beach

  • Playground

  • Picnic Area

  • Miles of Trails

  • Park is free

  • Green fee from $105 to $239


I Thought They Were Eagles

A walk at Chambers Bay is always exciting. Vast views of the Puget Sound, Narrows Bridge, the small town of Steilacoom with its little ferries, and the forest filled islands across the bay provide so much eye candy. This time joggers and walkers were stopping to stare up to the sky around the structure in the middle of the meadow.

My eyes popped when I looked. I saw eagles in a huge nest and just stood and stared. The bird parents swooped out to the bay for just a moment, then swooped back carrying a big fish. I heard loud peeps in the nest and observed Mom or Dad shredding the fish and dropping it into what could only be the babies' mouths. As I stood mesmerized, some voice behind me said they were ospreys.

Easy Viewing of Osprey Pair Raising Their Babies

I was so close to this giant nest and osprey mates that I felt a part of the family. I enjoyed many morning walks observing the family: feeding, first flights, and Mom constantly rebuilding the nest. Watch for falling sticks! There is a sign posted underneath the nest with a warning because, when you stand under the nest, you are only amazingly a few feet away from the birds and there are falling sticks.

Huge Osprey Nest

The nest looks five feet wide or so and is perched at the edge of an old structure used for a backdrop for concerts in this park. The osprey pair build a nest every year in this area, usually on the old dock on pillars, but as the old dock is scheduled for demolishing, Pierce county covered parts of the dock with blue tarps so the osprey would nest elsewhere. And they did!

Chambers Bay is Located Near Tacoma/Seattle Area

Visit Puget Sound

Puget Sound is a fantastic place to visit, not only for wildlife or golf tournaments. Boating, fishing, hiking, and camping activities abound in this beautiful forested area. It's only an hour to Mount Rainer and two hours to the Pacific Ocean beaches. The Seattle metro area is an hour from the Golf course. Warning! The weather can be cool so be prepared. July and August are usually the best months to plan a stay.


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