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Osteria Rosazzo, Manzano

Updated on November 26, 2010

Vista panoramica

The view from the Osteria Rosazzo at sunset
The view from the Osteria Rosazzo at sunset
Beautiful Udine in the distance
Beautiful Udine in the distance
Osteria Rosazzo Manzano
Osteria Rosazzo Manzano
The family at work :)
The family at work :)

Osteria Rosazzo, Manzano

High in the hills of Manzano stands a restaurant offering the very best of Friulan home cooking...

Surrounded by history, grapevines and with a vista panoramica there's not a lot to top it! The ancient monastery gives it the feeling of being almost sacred and the tranquility allows the mind to roam free.

This family run restaurant offers the very best in local cuisine - from simple traditional dishes (my favourite Frico, but more about that later) to exquisite, sizzling game.

Raffaela was struck by it's beauty when she first set eyes on it and has since made it her own, with her style and personal touches. It has that homely feel as Gianni, Elisa and Gaia tend to every need of their patrons, and Raffaela's sister Nicoletta cooks the food to perfection.

The osteria caters for diners and offers superb facilities for private conferences and functions, inside and out. I know of no other place so breath-taking to eat and as you can tell I loved the food too!

So now I can tell you a little about why I gain so much weight when I visit the Friulan area.

In Italy they speak Italian, right? And the national dish is pasta or pizza? Wrong on both counts!!

In this part of Northern Italy a completely different language is spoken, bearing little or no resemblance to Italian. Dialects differ from region to region but it's mostly understood anywhere in the area. It's the first language of the Friuli, who later learns Italian, and is one of the western group of Romance languages. I'm pleased to say that I've learned one or two phrases too :)

Frico and fritata (I made a little song about that last year...) are popular foods of the locals - both are delicious and I imagine were the staple diet of some during the war or hard times. They continue to this day with varieties on the same theme from place to place. Frico is my first ordered dish when I arrive. It's a potato, cheese and onion circle of tastiness that I could easily scoff every day! Indeed, last year I almost did. I learned to eat insalata misto more often this time.

Fritata is like omelette only better. But I should tell you no more about this and await your experiences with bated breath. So for anyone visiting the area, make sure you take a trip into the beauty of Manzano and try out these dishes for yourself - but don't blame me if you gain a few pounds rapidly!

There is another language which the Italians frequently use - and this is one I made sure I quickly picked up. It's the silent, less than obvious one to the un-initiated. You can express *everything* from hunger to 'watch that sly one' in one simple movement. Needless to say I've got a full dictionary in here!!

So, a tutti i miei amici, go have yourself a wonderful break Northern Italy and visit Osteria Rosazzo to make it complete. And for my connections in Udin (notice I said it in Furlan?) make sure you take the clients you wish to positively influence for their repast in Rosazzo.

Raffaella, Gianni, Elisa & Gaia have the perfect place to learn and grow and I wish you 'buon fortunata'

Molto amore,



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