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Salt Lake City Adventure At 3:00 a.m. SCARY True Story

Updated on September 1, 2010

The Middle Of Salt Lake City At 3:00 a.m.

Our family was taking a vacation when I was a teen, there was four of us kids still at home and in the back seat. We were traveling back from Idaho and was searching for a motel for the crew to catch a bit of sleep before we journeyed on. We had been traveling for hours and couldn't find a motel with vacancy that was cheap enough. We wound up in Utah so we decided to go check out the Morman Temple in Salt Lake City we had heard about. We seen it from a distance, so we tried to get to it.

It was around 3:00 a.m. we were driving a lincoln town car with our name on the tag with slightly tented windows. We ended up on what looked like main street. We were the only car driving down the road, but there was several parked on the side of the street. As we went by we saw drug deals being made everywhere. We were just country people, we wondered how they could be openly dealing drugs without a cop in sight. When it actually registered we got really nervous. Soon, I guess the drug leader whistled at the other guys and they started running after us on foot ( they probably had guns too, but didn't use them that we know of). My momma hit the gas pedal and maxed out that poor lincoln through every red light and stop sign.

The guys jumped in their tracker and took off after us. We were sailing, I was in the floor board praying, balling and screaming. My mother was frantic and my dad was praying for our protection. My three brothers slept through it all.The tracker was getting closer, we suddenly saw the entrance to the interstate so we hopped on feeling a little better at least we weren't alone. We were speeding majorly hoping to lose them or maybe attract a cop. Finally the tracker got the best of us and passed us with the intention to block or run us off the road. We prayed ever more harder and to our surprise we came over the hill to see the tracker had crashed and the police was just approaching the scene.

Needless to say we thanked God and got out of there and didn't even stop for a motel that night. I am sure we had our guardian angels busy that night:.) We were later told that the cops don't even try to patrol that time of night and here we were a big family and a lincoln.....

By the way I really don't care to ever go back....that was enough excitement.


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    • Annemari profile image

      Annemari 4 years ago from Tiny part of the World

      This is a exciting and adventurous story. Those guys who were following you were nuts.

      But anyway keep on the good work and this story is voted up.

    • amsmoving profile image

      amsmoving 7 years ago

      Salt Lake City has its bad parts. It's a major city like anywhere else. You gotta be careful.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 9 years ago from North America

      This is certainly a horrible experience. I would never have imagined it to happen in Salt Lake City, but 3:00am may be a bad time to be out anywhere.

      Best Regards