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Our Saturday Afternoon Trip

Updated on September 25, 2010

“Our Saturday Afternoon Trip”

Grim wanted it to go, go, go

But everyone else said no, no, no

So, we turned on the ra-di-o

It played, “The Little Dead Girl” by Vinson Ngo

Oh, what a long trip that was

On a hot and humid day;

Cars drove along to see

A dreadful sight as can be.

Why, oh why, do they stare?

Where there are accidents, beware!

Now, the freeway is moving fast,

We are very happy, at last!

There are times when we are glad,

Even when situations are bad.

True, we have many problems,

But we can always call on friends.

To cheer us up and remind us

That life can’t only be full of fuss,

So, be jolly, it is a must!

By: Caroline G. Vestuto

Copyright: 2010

Thank you to both my husband and son who helped me with this poem!:-)


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