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Out and About Kenya: Ngong Hills

Updated on July 10, 2010

Discover, Explore, Experience Ngong Hills

The "Knuckles" are a source of many a Maasai legends well worth the trip to discover explore and experience
The "Knuckles" are a source of many a Maasai legends well worth the trip to discover explore and experience

Make a fist and see as your knuckles perfectly aligned strain against your skin. Hold it up to the sky and the view is similar to the vision you behold when you look up at the Ngong Hills.

Located west of Nairobi city and east of the Rift Valley then this would be what your travel agent considers as heaven due to the breathtaking view of the sunset over the pure undisturbed physical rawness of the rift valley with its mountains and lakes on one side and the imposing yet hypnotic twinkles of lights and skyscrapers of Nairobi city at twilight.

These hills have provided the go to spot for many a teenagers as they hike up to the summit looking to fill up boring weekends away from home or retreats for youths and church groups looking for inspiration away from their home church.

In many cases it has been considered time and again the ideal picnic site for college students out on group dates or out with their friends seeking freedom away from the rigorous routines and stress of classes, term papers and finals. As for the tourist these hills provide the once over of what to anticipate on your trip down into the valley.

The best part about them is you don’t have to wait to go into the bushes to have your view of wild animals; on the contrary buffalo in their herds and antelopes and troupes of baboons are aplenty and can be seen grazing leisurely. other wildlife include animals such as gazelles, giraffes and the occasional klipspringer and bush buck for the observant eye.

However for security purposes where the wildlife is concerned, caution is recommended in the form of park rangers because ideally these animals are in their natural habitat and though they are somewhat accustomed to tourists sometimes "better safe than sorry" is the ideal policy where the wildlife is concerned.

Anyway, if looking to experience a cool afternoon picnicking with family. Hiking with friends or group dating expeditions to inspire the “get to know you” moments then look no further than the Ngong hills as they will provide that elusive one on one time attributed to doing movies or going out to clubs.


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