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Out and About Kenya-The Carnivore

Updated on July 20, 2010

Ever heard of “everything under one roof”…..Carnivore restaurant defines this to the core.

Ranked among the 50 finest restaurants on earth, Carnivore restaurant is one of the only two African restaurants selected by a panel of renowned food critics, restaurant and chefs.

Located in outside Nairobi city center in Langata, this is truly a “meat lovers paradise” boasting a diverse array of meats prepared on massive skewers over a large open fire pit and locally referred to as “Nyama Choma” or in the local slung version…Nyam-Chom.

While the beef, chicken, pork, goat and lamb are aplenty, the attraction mainly comes from the diverse range of local game meats. And there is no need to fret for the wildlife conservation groups because, the wildlife is obtained from Eco-friendly ranches which are by them selves actively involved in wildlife conservation.... after all the wildlife is at the heart of the tourism industry in Kenya.

The meat is served directly from the fire using Maasai swords (to keep with the African traditions) onto pre warmed cast iron plates allowing it to continue sizzling even after its served. The dish is accompanied with a wide range of sauces and relishes of your choice including the classic “kachumbari.”

Vegetarians, expect to be wowed by the diverse array of African dishes that are in most cases purely vegetarian, offering a wide variety of indigenous vegetables such as Mrenda, Terere, Kunde, Managu or Osuga, Sukumawiki accompanied with either, ugali or chapatis or pilau; dishes native to the communities of Kenya. Anyway if you are looking to introduce your palate to African delicacies then don’t miss out on Africa’s greatest eating experience.

On matters drinks there is the famous Carnivore cocktail commonly known as Dawa (Medicine) cocktail prepared on the spot and chosen for its hydrating, refreshing and sharpening effect on the taste buds. However there are also the local drinks available in their variety. The best part about it all is it has a playground so bring those kids along and take your time enjoying yourselves while they play.

The Simba saloon Nairobi’s most popular nightclub also finds its home at the Carnivore. Adjoining the main restaurant it boasts three separate bars, outdoor grounds and a large dance floor. Expect to be entertained by the Djs playing throwback jams from the 80s on Sunday Soul night or rocking you out on Wednesday Rock night and on Friday’s anything goes from the New Jack swing Night playing jams from the late 80s and early 90s, to Friday Night Groove playing the best mix of Hip-Hop, R&B and Local jams or Rumba Night playing the best of African Music and Cultural night where people are entertained by the best artists from the Kenyan community of the day. On Saturdays, get your groove on with Saturday Night Out music from the latest hits or Go back the last decade and enjoy Saturday Back Spin.

So if looking to relax or unwind weekday or weekend, or maybe Date-Night with clubbing after wards then Carnivore is your one stop shop.

Africa's Greatest Experience


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