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Out and About Kenya-The Windsor Golf and Country Club

Updated on July 11, 2010

Most of the time when one thinks about Africa, it about the outdoors….the wildlife and the communities which in so many cases are considered in the same breath as dinosaurs.  While the wildlife and the communities are definitely a reason for taking a trip into the jungle, I wish to appeal to those hunters whose weapons of choice are golf clubs and their prey the dimply spherical shapes commonly known as golf balls.

            For golf enthusiasts, the challenge comes not from just winning a tournament but from overcoming the challenges different golf terrains/courses have to offer or what the legendary Bobby Jones called Old Man Par – pitting your wit and ability against the course, out-thinking and maneuvering its hidden traps and spiteful hazards, attempting to lower your handicap, and, heaven forbid, even win some monthly medals

            When you think golf courses, Africa doesn’t come to mind; but paint a portrait of what a golf course in 21st century Africa could possibly look like then look no further than The Windsor Golf and Country Club.

            So where is the challenge, you ask well, with an 18 hole course that is so plush and green, it makes you question where the fairway ends and the putting green begins. Chances are that judging the game on this course, all other factors considered, is about judging the distance on this course purely on instinct rather than the varied shades of green one is sometimes accustomed to. Given the effects of the changing seasons apparent on other continents around the world, then I bet indulging your passion on the ideal golf course, at least on matter regarding well manicured grounds, is every golfer’s dream.

            Speaking of seasons, Windsor golf and country club is located a few miles from the City of Nairobi. Given that Kenya is a tropical country and Nairobi up on higher altitude, this means that the humidity is little if at all there is any, there is nothing like the air being too heavy for the ball to lift and move unhindered; or breezes to fast to rub you the wrong way and the sun is warm enough to enjoy the day without feeling drained because its cool enough to keep you energized…talk about spring time all year round.

            While you are at it, the cluster of impressive Victorian style buildings with 130 deluxe rooms comprising twins, doubles, studio suites and cottages all overlooking the spectacular 18-hole championship golf course and are tastefully decorated with five-star amenities in each room and the three restaurants on site should encourage you to make it a family vacation. For one, they won’t be bored given that the city is about 10-20 minutes drive from the club and tons of places to explore. This could be your home away from home as you treat yourself to your first love…the golf course.

            So if your instinct is as good as most of us like to believe of ourselves, why not pack that new glove you have been wanting to test its “grip” factor, the pen you got on fathers day…your lucky charm is what you call it, the scorecards, tees, balls (plenty of those) and the latest gadgets (and we know just how you love gadgets!) and leave your mark on another conquered golf course.

Nominated as the Best Undiscovered Golfing Country In 2008


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