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Out and about kenya: Nature's Gift to The World.

Updated on September 22, 2011

It not the wildlife that has attracted the tourist in there billions, nor is it the indigenous communities that fill you with the sense of wonder at the milestones that mankind has made over the years, yet being able to withstand the test of time as it continues to play a tug of war with modernization and neither is it the geography that makes you marvel at the beauty of creation.

But one thing you can be guaranteed is that, Kenya is one places where you cant put a finger on that one attribute that makes it renowned the world over.

I haven’t yet been to many places, but Kenya is one place that is bound to keep you yearning for more because, no matter how extensively you explore, everyday is a new experience..... a new memory..... a new realization of how perhaps, maybe......just maybe impossibilities are after all non existent.

When you get to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, commonly known as JKIA, the hustle of people checking in for business or vacation will make you feel like you are at just another airport back home. Then again, if you are lucky and it happens to be one of those days and if you listen keenly, you will get a sneak peak of the tug of war between the traditions and modernizations I’m talking about.

Family generally is at the core of what many a country the world over is built upon, but in Kenya, talk about wearing your traditions on your sleeves; because every milestone is a fete, a community affair and believe you me if it was possible and in some cases it is, a national affair.

It is the land where if you are going abroad for higher education then the whole neighborhood is bound to be at the airport to see you off; and even though they don’t enter the premises for securities purposes, it still doesn’t deter them from making that goodbye feel like your world is over, just as much as coming home is a fete that begins as soon as you land, traditional dances and all and as emotional as the day you left.

Events such as weddings are done with the same pomp if not more given the traditions that are involved, and very bit as hilarious if not mind boggling; just as much as funerals are the community affair regardless of whether they knew you or not, bottom line is, they knew your family and that is good enough.

I am painting this portrait because as much as putting to pen paper about the relationships that be and the dynamics that govern them, experience in this case is the best teacher and fortunately she is there to walk you through every step of the way.

So as I travel with you into Kenya through my words and paint the landscape of what it has to offer physically, it is my hope that you can all be blessed to make the trip and be inspired in a land that is truly Nature’s Gift to The World.

Karibu ( Welcome)- Hakuna Matata


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    • profile image

      Rahe 7 years ago from Clearwater

      The clip below shows various sites synonymous with kenya from the wildlife to the Maasai community, Nairobi city with its skyscarapers, a monuments, the national coat of arms with the words "Harambee" which means Unity in Swahili, the city of Mombasa with its iconic tusks for Landmarks and the breathtaking view of The Indian Ocean.