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Oxford Attractions

Updated on March 13, 2013

The rivers Cherwell and Thames run through the city and meet south of the city center. Usually, the name is used in the context of rowing regattas that are most relevant to the University of Oxford. Historically, especially in Victorian times, geographers and cartographers insisted that the river Thames went from thevillage of Dorchester-on-Thames, and should be properly called the Isis River. Thames Isis - from the Latin (Tamezis), but in the 20th century mention the differences in general use, even in Oxford, and finally forgotten, even as some historians believe that Isis is nothing more than a part of the Latin name of the Thames (Tamezis).

In Oxford, besides its famous university, there is the oldest in the English-speaking world, has many attractions, owned by universities and colleges, the ancient sobor.Voobsche, buildings are examples of each of Oxford's historic architectural style of English, beginning with the arrival of the Saxons in those places, religious architecture, English Palladianism middle 18 stoletiya.Luchshy way to learn more about the most important things to do in Oxford, take a walking tour of the city and surrounding major colleges.

Of course, the greatest concentration of historic buildings, including buildings of Oxford University and colleges are situated on the High Street (High Street - the main street). Generally, it is recognized as a center of the city and often known simply as «The High».

In the north - west to east there is Lincoln College with the Church of All Saints (now the College Library) it attracts significant number of students that cannot afford Oxford. Breyzn Nouz College is another department that has the oldest boat club in the world, All Souls College, King's College, Magdalene, including the Grand Tower Magdalene (bell tower) , St. Edmund-Holl.Na south - west to east - it's Oriel College, University College Examination Schools, School of Drawing and Painting Name Ruskin, the Botanical Garden.


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