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Party and Wedding Halls in Cochin Kerala

Updated on December 17, 2013

Wedding Halls in Cochin

Nowadays the wedding ceremonies and related parties are conducted in well furnished and specially decorated halls. Years back people never required wedding halls for conducting wedding ceremonies. During that period marriage was conducted at bride’s house or in temples and arrangements for feast is made in their own houses.

In those years, conducting wedding was not an expensive item. There were neither parties nor reception at that time after wedding . Wedding feast was the only treat which need to be offered for people who come to attend the wedding ceremony. Moreover the wedding feast was not a classic styled one during that period. People in the same house and nearby houses arrange feast for the concerned wedding ceremony. The feast was simple and featured with homely taste. More over there were no special make ups for bride during those days.

The habit of arranging flowers in the hair of bride was prevalent during that time also. But that formality was so simple and lucid. In this way the wedding ceremony was inexpensive during years back.

party halls
party halls

Need of Wedding Halls

Now the situation is entirely changed. The joint family system in a house is not to be seen anywhere. The nuclear family became the attraction of the human society. Intervening in other family members such as cousin sister’s or cousin brother’s affairs became very rare. The nature of helping family members during special occasions and critical situations became too formal. Thus father, mother and children are forced to confine within the nucleus of the nuclear family system.

In this way people slowly marched towards the western style of living, where the relationship between the family members has no importance at all. They prefer isolated or scattered family life. This new environment in the human life style forced people make artificial arrangements to organize special occasions. Thus, the transformations taken place in the life style of people, made remarkable changes in the field of marriages also.

Because of the nuclear family system numerous new houses are constructed and the spaces around each house were so negligible. Thus they started looking convenient and suitable places to conduct special occasions like marriage ceremonies. This is how the need of wedding halls is aroused. Thus, now in Kerala, especially in Cochin, all special occasions in a family are conducted in separate halls.

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A markerVinayaka Kalyana Mandapam -
Vinayaka Kalyana Mandapam, TD East Sannidhi Rd, Jawahar Nagar, Kadavanthara, Ernakulam, Kerala, Indi
get directions

B markerTDM Hall -
TDM Hall, Dewans Rd, Pallimukku, Ernakulam, Kerala, India
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C markerGangothri cochin -
Kochi, Kerala 682001, India
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D markerErnakulam Women's Association Hall -
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
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E markerTown Hall cochin -
Kochi, Kerala 682001, India
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Best Ceremonial Halls in Cochin

When halls became an inevitable factor of special occasions in a family, people in Cochin started constructing new halls in view to conduct marriage ceremonies and parties. Thus, there are numerous ceremonial halls in Cochin nowadays. But they are not sufficient to meet the current requirements of people.

Till few years back the Muslims and Christian families were not interested in conducting marriages in separate halls. The main venues of their marriages were respective religious centers. Now the situation is changed and all people in Cochin and nearby places started conducting marriages and associated parties in ceremonial halls irrespective of cast, creed, and religion.

This created huge demand for halls in Cochin and Ernakulum areas especially during marriage season. Thus in order to cope up with the requirements, luxury hotels in Cochin also constructed classic ceremonial halls to attract rich men and middle class people for conducting marriages and related parties. In this way the process of conducting holy marriage ceremony has become a business nowadays.

Vinayaka Caterers & Kalyana Mandapam

Sannidhi Road, Kadavanthra,
Cochin - 682 020
Phone : + 91 484 2203040, 2203738                          2206767, 2206768

Gangothri Hall

Rajaji Road, Opposite Abad Plaza,
Ernakulam College Road,
Cochin – 682035. Tel - 0484–2353824

TDM Hall,

Opposite Darbar Hall Ground,
Jo’s Junction, Cochin – 682016.
Tel - 0484 – 2361160

Ernakulam Women's Association Hall

Diwan's Rd, Kochi-16

Gulfar International Convention Centre

Kundanoor, Kochi

Town Hall

Near Ernakulam North Bridge
Park Avenue, Kochi -16
Details : Phone : 0484-2352730

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Wedding Theme Ideas For Kerala Style Wedding

Theme wedding is an entirely new concept that is attracting all and gaining a lot of popularity. A good wedding theme can make ones wedding ceremony very unique and memorable. Earlier this idea was popular only in the West. Wedding is definitely an event of a lifetime that each one wants to make it better than all other weddings. A well planned wedding theme is the best way to gain popularity in your region. The very first thing to organize a theme wedding is to think in a different way and ready to do experiments in this field.

Selection of Venue

Now people have started showing their interest in destination weddings such as beach weddings, flower weddings, fairytale weddings, royal weddings etc. But the nearest venue will be the best for the convenience of all your guests and when time is a constraint. You can either select a banquet hall or it can just be conducted in your courtyard. All you need is the wonderful arrangement that would stay alive in the minds of all.

Decorating the Entrance

The main thing to be noted is the entrance of the venue. It should be decorated beautifully. It can be done by using fresh flowers, colorful balloons etc. If the theme is of a traditional wedding it is advisable to place specially-crafted banana leaf pillars at the entrance. It can be embedded with embroidered velvet. Light arrangements should be incorporated inside the venue for a majestic look. Specially designed ‘mandap’ is the next thing to be noted. It can be decorated in silver or with beautifully carved wooden domes decorated with fresh roses of different colors.

Hall Decoration

The hall can be decorated beautifully with attractive colors of drapes along with golden tissues. Bronze or gold pillars, draped in yards of fabric would take your guests to an era of sultans. Another good option to decorate the entire hall is with a flower theme. Nothing is more attractive than fresh flowers. Flowers like roses, orchids, dahlias, marigold etc can be used. Color combination is the main thing to be kept in mind while arranging these flowers. Always try to arrange dark shades with lighter ones which would look more elegant.

Welcoming the discerning bride and Bridegroom

Small girls can be dressed in beautiful frocks so as to suit a flower girl. It would be more attractive if they are dressed alike. Small baskets with flowers are to be given in their hands. They should be stood near the main entrance to welcome the bride and bride groom by showering flowers on them. Special music can be played at their arrival.

Wedding theme should be selected according to your financial status. The cost of such themes depends upon the area and the accessories used for this purpose. During rainy season special attention should be taken to cover the whole venue with an additional tarpaulin cover. There should be proper parking facilities for the convenience of your guests.

Moreover, theme weddings are more pleasing both for the guests and the host, as they experience something eccentric keeping the traditional values unharmed.


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